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  1. Hello, guys. located: Georgia, USA no vpn playing at Tower of Insolence the lag is so big and different, my toons skills are answering slow when I press the keyboard. I have my other party hunting with no problem at others hunting zones. This big lag is specially in TOI
  2. Hello, everyone. This a special post for the staff @Juji @Hime I think we all are tired of playing a game which we love with our any improvements, this week we have one more quiting wave on both classic servers, is time. WE MUST CHANGE. first point) we need a welcome back event for players who have been not playing lately, try to get them back ? How to do that ? Not hard, make an event which give them the possibility to get some weapon-armor tickets to get a decent A grade Gear on their accounts, it could be doing some daily quest or whatever. We need PEOPLE back! second) we nee
  3. What a good post. I’m completely agree. ncsoft is time to put ur hands and work. We NEED many changes, subclasses, nobles, fortress, castles, new maps, new farming zones 80 plus play able no like TOI you need like 5k usd on gear to play in Toi. so @Jujiis time to listen the people. WE NEED CHANGES!
  4. Is time to STOP. Ncsoft , @Juji, @Hime is time to get the game back again. the gambling events are killing the game, please STOP IT. is time to think about everyone in our community, this gambling events makes no sense, WE KNOW ncsoft needs to make money, that’s fine. Find a way to make some events when we can buy some special items like White Guardian-Special Dyes-Transformations, whatever WITHOUT GAMBLING. Also you guys need to improve the farming zones-drops. When the people reach lvl 80 has no options to go farming, with the Lair of Antharas and TOI mobs only who has many e
  5. I use Blessed spirit shots to lvl (expensive than soulshots). And I’m farming(no shots) in Dark Omens and I almost can afford the Blessed from my sorcerer. It is crazy. Now I just can not afford the blessed any more If I can’t farm adenas. what i really mean is, I’m agree with the 10 boxes if we have the chance to afford the shouts at least...
  6. Is it serious? So is not any good news in this game. you make the game unplayable, I need one party farming with no soulshots to pay the soulshots to the other party. Now I can’t do that... seriously IT MAKES NO SENSE. guys do u want to stay with 10 clients? Ok, fix the adena rate and let us pay our own soulshots daily AT LEAST...
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