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  1. Do you know what the level requirement is?
  2. Hi, Is there a level restriction on being able to talk in the game or have I managed to mess up my settings? I cannot whisper anyone, talk in general, shout, or any other communication. The only way I can talk is in a party. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. Hey, I am a new player looking for a clan. I am not that familiar with the game yet, but I enjoy playing it and am a quick learner. Let me know if you have a spot for me. 22 Orc Monk 22 Human Cleric
  4. Hey, New players here. I created a warrior and a healer because why not? Since completing the first couple quests and reaching level 22 I have run into a road block. There are no decent places to level up. The Ruins of Agony at stacked with bots or people AFK farming on casters and as a warrior there is nothing I can do. If I do find an open spot they just come and take it 1 minute later. How are new players supposed to play this game?
  5. How are you supposed to level up on this game? I have just started playing and every spot I go to is ran by bot casters auto farming.
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