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  1. Please make fishing event

    so make it available in game by in game means

    what dagger uses regular hits instead of skills on PvE? you see dual-daggers users not using skills, just regular attacking? the p.atk difference is barely to justify one more dagger in your hand. makes almost 0 difference in damage. daggers, as archers, are about maximum possible damage on a single attack. 1.5 is half the critical dmg vs the 2.0 modifier

    single dagger + and r110 shield Weapons critical dmg modifier
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Hi im new to the game, I came here cause i was told this is top fishing game right now?
  5. The Seed Bracelet FIASCO by NCWest

    https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/ Seed Bracelets — new Seed Bracelets have been added to the game; — existing Seed Bracelet, that was available via Special Game Assistant (ex. Dimensional Merchant) in exchange for 20,000,000 Adena, is automatically replace with Elementary Seed Bracelet; Not only the cost is completely different from here, the patch notes always differ at some point as they have completely different way of making money. There they dont get adena or drops without vitality, but they get 2x xp with their version or prestige pack. They can get brooch jewels in game, while we cant. Sometimes they even get different cut points from what we get. EU patch notes cant not be trusted for NA updates.
  6. Previously, the seed bracelets from the Dimensional Merchant in every town, could be bought for 500k adena. All of them got transformed into the new Elementary Seed Bracelet in this update that can only be crafted after a lot o fishing. They are the only way to acquire the Super Advanced Seed Bracelets. The patch notes for this update got posted only hours before the update. Only ones who were able to read it could buy the bracelets on the Dim Merchant before the server shut down. The rest, me and you got screwed by this trash company that for stupid reasons releases the patch note hours before so that everyone have a hard time without knowing whats going to change next. NCWest had a change to sink server adena with those bracelets if everyone could have know it in time. But no they wanted it to be another super expensive, barely achievable item in again. I demand those bracelets back on the Dimensional Merchant or any temporary NPC for a limited time with wide spread information about it, including forums and server login message about it. Lets not let NCWest screw with us customers again.
  7. yeah, monitor the prestige cancelations
  8. Lets see what speaks louder to them: crying randoms or cancelled subscriptions.
  9. Fixed an issue where the Adena quantity was scaled beyond the intended design for the Isle of Souls Stronghold timed hunting zone. The Adena quantity has been drastically reduced. ???
  10. Fafurion Temple Changes

    I just checked. The mobs were lvl 104, now with a 106 toon they have yellow name, so they had their level increased a few times. They are at least level 109 now. The adena is from 10k~ to 24k~. Without prestige.
  11. New player starting

    This game had very elaborated and interesting quests to do, from job transfers to many quest series. But you complained. The exalted quests series involved different activities. But you complained. So they followed the trend of complaining, lazy, ultra casual mobile game players and just put a non sense quest of killing a huge amount of mobs where you can do it on auto mode. Congratulations generation Z The few real players that start playing see that once they reach level 100 their paulina gear is crap and cant kill anything on 100+ zones and quit. Cause thats all there is on this game right now: kill the same mobs until ur disgusted and bored to hell with rewards that were significant years ago on the game and are useless now.
  12. Main - Dual exchange service

    Just put a L2 Web shop for a free Stone of Destiny per account per server.
  13. 21 days

    @Neutron 21 days without beeing able to chat in this game. You aknowledge this is a bug in this topic(https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2384-all-chat-goes-to-general-chat/) and you dont help at all. I give you more infor on the bug on my video(https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2384-all-chat-goes-to-general-chat/?do=findComment&comment=18006) and you do nothing. I had 3 topics about this deleted already by the forum "moderator" HOW LONGER ILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOU TO FIX THIS?