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  1. Have clans have to work together to get more items. Have the aden epic raids drop random amounts of dawn cry / royal gold / black save / kains ewr/ear etc. Right now they drop armor/weapons which sell for nothing. Have god jewel bottles drop, have boss jewels drop, etc. Same with clan raids on throne - have more good stuff drop - its nice that passes / dye cry / art cry / +6 angel accessories etc all drop, but we need more and more. This will force folks to work together and upgrade clan players.
  2. What it comes down to is, I am not recruiting anymore tyrrs
  3. bump i've had literally 4 wars started this week against my clan.. time for 14 mans...
  4. @Juji@LIME@Hime - this is another case of a warehouse char being banned! Please look into it
  5. The current clan war system is a total joke. It allows anyone to find an aoe macro on a tyrr who wants to use their skills, and trigger 5 kills on an afk. The current scenario in my bigger clan of 60+ actives is on a weekly basis some clan finds any tyrr afking, and starts war vs us, we cannot end it until all clan members are out of combat or offline. Meanwhile we have no way to defend against this unless we drop to multiple 14 man clans. Most bigger clans are in perma 14 man clans because of this. It is just really sad that this is the system. Today it is my clan, tomorrow i
  6. I am having this issue on gludio for past 3 weeks as well. Any update @PhoenixMitra ?
  7. Many times over the last few sieges, I am in the middle of casting at the alter, then all of a sudden I am ported to the upstairs of the throne room. It is some sort of glitch. Needs to be fixed. Thx
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