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  1. Is it goes only for cd and buff timer or also the power of atk skills?
  2. While on auto-use when it triggers Power Revival doesn't heal and waste making this skill useless in time. Fix it by being under Barrier possible to heal. This skill in total makes macro character weaker then it is when it's off......
  3. GG, Keep up the good work out there in NCSOFT. More content more fun. Throw more freebies <3 And mention about Overhowl.
  4. Where is this link taking us? Some kind of cookies tracker? I can see the same info in-game on npc and I'm not redirected anywhere. At least you could count Adena cost of materials.
  5. Hello fellow players it's DrNeptec. I want to invite you all to my daily stream on Twitch. Follow Dr's adventures there and stay ONLINE with the game all the time. Here is a link to my profile there so you can see who I'm and what fun is Lineage. https://twitch.tv/drneptec See you in-game.
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