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  1. For melee classes, always go for othell. The crit rate you gain from that tune, is so op compared to what else you can get from other runes. Maybe there's some exceptions - tanks who want hp for example, but in 99 out 100 times, othell is the way to go.
  2. The bounty hunters are definitely not as good a money machine as they used to be. There are two downsides: the crafting market is almost dead and the autohunting function does not work properly when spoiling. However, if you can grind mobs from whom you can spoil recipes for weapon B grade and higher and have the time to do I manually, it can be a rly good business. Armor recs are not worth it, cuz nobody crafts armor a-grade and higher (you'll get sealed armor parts, and need cloth pieces to unseal). It is possible to set up a spoiler to autospoil, but you'll need two dwarfs in you
  3. The masterbook mystery. I would very much like to know this as well. Btw. Nice nick - Dragonlance ftw ?
  4. 1) Drops from mobs auto delete after 10 min. You can choose to hide dropped items under the screen information. 2) Are you kidding me?! Ranged classes are already overwhelmingly favorised compared to melee! 3) The botters only care about the adena drops and that already automatically goes to your inventory 4) Don't even bother making a petition like this ( or any petition for that matter). They (NCsoft) don't give a rat's a*as about what the community want. All they care about is making you spend more bucks on Ncoin or doing RMT! 5) Sorry for rant ?
  5. Any1 who knows if there's a cap on changing characteristics though superior dyes? Put 3x +4 int/-4 men on my Mystic Muse, and the last dye doesn't seem to have any stat effect??
  6. Well it's not that straight forward to answer that cuz you get different crucial buffs from different buffers: Prophet: zerk, acumen Shilien Elder: empower, wild magic Eleven Elder: clarity, wild magic, prophecy of water Bladedancer: on the cell, and to lazy to look skill names up, but it gets multiple nuke buffs. If I was forced to only have one box assisting my nuker, I would go with SE.
  7. Reading this forum its obvious, that this beautiful game it broken in so many ways. The list of issues that goes unanswered from the development team is never ending. You have lost the faith of the community and it's obvious, that the only goal is to suck as much money out of the last faithful L2 gamers as you possibly can, before servers is all dead. My plea to the community or what's left of it; STOP using real money on stupid p2w events. Only with our wallets we can make Ncsoft listen!
  8. You can learn the expand trade skill at fishing manager. It takes 2.800 (approximately) fresh blue mackerel to learn the skill. From my experience it takes around 5-6 days of none stop fishing to catch that amount. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Expand_Trade
  9. You can do the classic assist macro: /target party% /assist /attack However it's not so favorable imo. This is due to the attack delay from the assisting character. From my experience, its preferable to make all chars autohunt, but if you're not in a cata room or somewhere like that, it might be hard to control your party if you go afk. What chars are you using?
  10. Yes, bots are also in higher levels, however it's not as bad as Abandoned Camp. Mostly catas, as they are occupied by RMTs. You should try out alligator island. Stay there until level 50/52 and then go to fields of massacre.
  11. As the title says. Got a Dualiat and noticed that critical hits ain't dealing more damage when I turn on vicious stance toggle. Anyone else who knows about this?
  12. I an not a fan of the auctioneer. I like that you have to walk around I Giran and check the stores to find market value, before setting up a bye/sell store. And window shopping is the only thing that still feels like playing L2 in the good old days.
  13. @MasterSplinter Thank you for the suggestions!
  14. From my experience the closest you'll get is L2Wiki
  15. I've seen Agathions soul being sold in private shops, but considering the current prices on Agathion bracelets lvl 4/5 (35-50kk) I don't think you can make it yourself any cheaper than that.
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