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  1. Private Store 6 items

    You can learn the expand trade skill at fishing manager. It takes 2.800 (approximately) fresh blue mackerel to learn the skill. From my experience it takes around 5-6 days of none stop fishing to catch that amount. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Expand_Trade
  2. auto hunt question

    You can do the classic assist macro: /target party% /assist /attack However it's not so favorable imo. This is due to the attack delay from the assisting character. From my experience, its preferable to make all chars autohunt, but if you're not in a cata room or somewhere like that, it might be hard to control your party if you go afk. What chars are you using?
  3. Bots,bots everywhere.

    Yes, bots are also in higher levels, however it's not as bad as Abandoned Camp. Mostly catas, as they are occupied by RMTs. You should try out alligator island. Stay there until level 50/52 and then go to fields of massacre.
  4. As the title says. Got a Dualiat and noticed that critical hits ain't dealing more damage when I turn on vicious stance toggle. Anyone else who knows about this?
  5. I an not a fan of the auctioneer. I like that you have to walk around I Giran and check the stores to find market value, before setting up a bye/sell store. And window shopping is the only thing that still feels like playing L2 in the good old days.
  6. Full party grinding spot

    @MasterSplinter Thank you for the suggestions!
  7. Updated Base Date?

    From my experience the closest you'll get is L2Wiki
  8. About Agathion Bracelet

    I've seen Agathions soul being sold in private shops, but considering the current prices on Agathion bracelets lvl 4/5 (35-50kk) I don't think you can make it yourself any cheaper than that.
  9. Full party grinding spot

    I got a full party (lvl 70-72) auto hunting in devotions 24/7. All geared in oe a-grade armor/weapon. The party is working fine and all is good.. I was just wondering if anybody knows of an alternative to cata at that level range?
  10. Healer Macro// Fast Helping

    @kittea No. The auto function in L2 isn't that smart. You can only do simple instructions in a macro, like use that skill, on that target, delay and then all over again. The macros can't think for you when afk grinding, like bot programs can..
  11. Auto hunting turns off

    I know about the porting mobs in Cruma, but it isn't that. It does it all over 😏 But thx for the advice about auto hunting on in the macro. Didn't know that you could turn auto hunting on/off in a macro. 👍👍
  12. Pets

    @DukeGr You obviously haven't tried grinding with a lvl 85 wolf or any other pet for that matter. You rly can't compare a pet to a box!
  13. Auto skills, BTM + Life cubic

    You can't activate two macros at the same time, if that's what You mean.
  14. Pets

    +1 to that, Fluffy. I just recently came back to L2 after a 10 year break and I'm rly missing the old pets :-/
  15. Auto hunting turns off

    Just wondering if it's a game error or intended, that the auto hunting function turns off by it self after a while? It only happens if the game i minimized to the system tray, or if another game client is 'on top'. When the game client is on screen, it doesn't seem to turn off.