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  1. Hi, @Hime and @Juji "Attack Attribute +150 and PVE Damage +10% for 30 minutes" why those same herbs cant give us a bonus xp/adenas? "Attack Attribute +150, PVE Damage +10%, adenas drop %, and xp boost by 100% for 30 minutes there is no reason for xp runes / prestige since adenas almost don't drop anymore...
  2. it just shows that nothing will be done, they will push the red libra in the players to distract and take the focus off a server full of problems, in which they are only looking for profit. However the bad reputation of the server is widespread, and as a result it is a dead server. For beginners, play, but with the certainty that you will only evolve if you invest a lot of money, that was never f2p ...
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