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  1. orfen: I swear if i see bubbles I'm outta here!
  2. what exactly is the compensation for those with destiny packs @Hime @Juji i see maintenace rune only why have you not made this item a box that we can open at our convenience? 3/4 of the compensation is not usable by the PAYING customer! How are you going to correct this for those who paid for it already?????
  3. This is absolutely disgraceful @Juji and @LIME . You would have never fixed the penalty issue if you werent infact in truth fully nerfing the slayer enchant rate. You should be ashamed at the level of deceit that you are employing in this game . If I was running the company i would sack the so called development team for not developing the game but rather fleecing its players.
  4. Juji i thought they increased the pickup radius for ranged characters , so why am i still not picking up ALL scrolls in PI this shoudl be bare minimum pickup radius for all characters . Please make this happen
  5. yep melee lag started when ranking was initially put in 2 years back and frankly it shoudl be removed from game
  6. I feel the glaring obvious is being forgotten the melee lag started when the ranking system did, and now you've turned it back on the lag is back... This is no coincidence.
  7. seriously when are you gonna pay for more bandwidth or fix the melee lag i am paying for prestige and losing 200m adena per hour in ios coz you cant fix this thats more than 1/3 during these stupid lets see how many 105 bots you can force into server during these events. FIX THE LAG I seriously expect there to be some compensation for thos paying for runes that are not effective becasue your poor server performance. Enough is Enough its been years and these events and EXP events always disadvantage the melee classes.
  8. Hwy @juji what did you guys screw up to ruin drops in primeval island even with prestige and destiny 0 scrolls in an hour FIX THIS i expect to get what i pay for with destiny and prestige!.
  9. yeah its high time they fix summoners or at very least give summoners a full lvl reroll to diff class and free weapon exchange coz this crap has gone on for long enough for summoner
  10. I love my summoner and i am a powerful summoner, but dont subject yourself to the pain of a class so broken its endgame useless. One day NC will get off their asses and fix the class i may still be alive at that stage. currently though i do more damage on one hit on dual class titan than i do in 100 hits with summoner. I am not over exaggerating either. I wish i was.
  11. only AOE you will have is in naviarope form for all summoners. if You are and elemental master like me you have aoe unicorns which are useless since all the nerfs to summons damage removal of bbsps and whole new ilconceived stats and transfer for summoners. they really effed up summoners by making pets base on pattack yet make us a wizard class with low str stat. The could probably fix a lot by making summoner warrior class nto wizard coz we have zero damage nuke to warrant being a wizard.
  12. I think you miss the point ghost a summoner is a dps class and we don't do dps…. we used to be utility when we could recharge mana a long time ago.. we used to have 4 pets a long time ago but the sheer stupidity of basing all pet damage basically on STR stat which summoner cant get high in because at creation they are mages is just so unbelievably stupid and weakens us badly.... second there are only 4 marks and even if they all land which usually they don't the crit damage from pets with low str is so bad in ALL instances cept castilla …. my gear is top pretty good with relevant equipment
  13. Hey JUJI , HIME when are we gonna see some real class balance as some classes are so overpowered its ridiculous while other classes languish.. I have main class summoner and its been supremely stupid since making all pets based on pattack yet you make base stats for summoners M attack …. This wouldn't be a huge issue if the summon lasted a single hit in any pvp situation or could actually take full stats from all gear ASWELL as giving us magic attacks that are worth more than a grain of salt like a Wizard nukes. Noone wants summoners in party because they do rubbish damage. Its time to rea
  14. if I use the red libra option to change my dual class will I lose all my forgotten skillbook levels that I have or will they be preserved?
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