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  1. Something to have in mind

    im waiting for some gm , and solve the problem , i dont want play more alone
  2. Something to have in mind

    yes , im bored to play , im lvl 20 and play alone , this is not funny
  3. Something to have in mind

    What is the purpose of playing alone? because that's what happens I'm playing alone, the 500 that there are many afks or people who do not speak
  4. Something to have in mind

    Hi , I do not understand why to open another server, there are only 500 people in aden playing and the lineage is to play as a team, with 500 people that will not be able to do, you can not even see those 500 . I think we need transfer free the progress to talking island or giran server
  5. Aden server population

    only 500 ppl on in aden , im bored , im playing alone yesterday and today again alone..