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  1. add more hats like wizard hat etc
  2. can u add some nice hats like wizard hat etc ?
  3. New Tweet

  4. 10 Minutes to go!?!?!

    yes 10 min to wait more delay
  5. So like 2 days ago i buy chronicle pack , and now i buy 4k ncoins , and i still dont get ncoins , but with chronicle pack al good .
  6. Only trins u can do solo its only with warlord ( since hes stuning all mobs ) , and no destro its aint same as l2 c6 , fr is changed , its works deiferent , only aoe solo can warlord + se or ee box .
  7. Im from Lithuania with only leatrix i got just ~70-100 ping so its aint problem
  8. No they not , server be in Texas if i remmember corectly
  9. Buffer classic

    They land on evryting , even in pvp for peapole u can use this
  10. Opening

    Its same lag as in on Giran , just time zone is different , like i remmeber that muist be if u play on Talking Island u play lets say 18:00 gmt+1 on the server will be morning:/

    Ohh , all right . thanks so much.,
  12. has far as i know thye will rise in 3.0 update only
  13. So in patch notes there is a writen that beast soulshots be on 1.5 version ? its true or just mistake ?
  14. Noone cares , lets play who can not who cant !? :xD