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  1. This is the first time I've logged on since last Maintenance and looking at the dim merchant I'm down a number or Presteige runes and a ton of fame scrolls. WTF? No replacements, no items in WH, just paid items deleted from my account. I had them stored on a few accounts over time since I didn't want junk in my WH. When are you giving them back?
  2. Will the exchange for fame scrolls include ones left in the dimensional merchant also? I know I have a large number of the scrolls at in the merchant on multiple accounts, but might not be able to log in on time
  3. Lol, It's not bannable at all, It's highly advised not to do it afk as it wasn't what it was designed for, you won't get help from support if you screw up, but there's no bans for it. People can, and will, find ways to make you pk with afk macro, if you do go red and drop gear then it's your own fault. It clearly says that on the post you linked.
  4. I'm not jumping on defending sides and playing the politics, I'm just saying that Netflix isn't a bot or pure alt clan because I'm also in Netflix and that is not what the clan is about, they're nice guys and mostly mains. All the pulling etc at dragons has never actually caused a failed entry whilst I've been there (Most EU time dragons in the past 2 months orso). Each time there's been no system messages, aka simple fastest click won. If there were system messages then people would be going crazy complaining about pulling and killing and face those facts, they would not be blaming scrip
  5. Haha, that's a new one, where on earth did you get that one from mate? Netflix is actually a fully functional live clan for main toons and is legit, people do switch around though. If it were automated don't you think that they'd be winning at least some dragons VS MS's dragon entry scripts? MS still has an almost 100% win rate for all dragons in the past 3 months based purely on click speed (if people were pulled or out of range the other CCs would get an alert). Come on KTP, I like you, but when you're in a glass house don't throw stones, especially ones with no basis.
  6. Hey Hicc, I know what half of the members here are really aggressive/rude, but I don't think that's the way Yidao's reply was intended. He's more pointing out how NCSoft doesn't care about whether the game lasts any longer or whether us "peasant" players are worthy of their response, simply that they make money. The "Limited time only" offers are the best way for them to make a ton of money off their items and gambling events. As money is more important than their product (L2) they don't care for our opinion on this stuff, they won't change anything until the day (this year or next?) that the
  7. There's definitely server settings that are implemented to change success rates for all "random" things in L2, but I don't believe it is related to server population. I've augmented circlets a lot since the very first day of the event and until the weekend it was giving a rare augment every 10 or so stones. Since Monday I've had maybe 3 rare augments in over 200 stones applied at different times. I'm in the EU so my playtime covers both peak and quiet times. The rate has gone stupidly low and it's not a co-incidence or run of bad luck. The same happens with all events, the servers
  8. The thread all of the complaints were posted in was the weekly maintenance thread. Part of the weekly routine is that those threads get archived and a new one is posted. The complaints weren't archived in order to hide them, they were archived as part of normal routine as they are unimportant and no reason to make an exception for. I'm sure if the posts were in their own thread without and forum violating titles or comments, then the thread would remain open, where it could be ignored for longer until people just gave up.
  9. I'm completely with you there, I've played Support since 2005 and have always been just under top teir with gear. However now Tier 1 is the dragon weapon stacked toons and 2 is probably the top gear lvl 5/6 jewels, no dragon weapon toons. I guess I'm below that with lvl brooch 4 jewels, ekimus, all epics bar lindi etc. In last siege I was happily tanking most MS parties and even Truffle etc were managable outside of full skills. It's still way not enough to be competitive in oly or a strong open pvp dd etc when I start leveling my dual. It's a shame because I used to really love Olympiad and o
  10. Before anyone bites, just remember: Don't feed the troll (who seems to lack intelligence and knowledge of the return key).
  11. I think I get what you're trying to say, but the way you make it sound is ridiculous. It'd be crazy to make the current OP stuff harder to get, for the simple fact of how massive a gear imbalance it all adds. One of the problems is that the top items are far far better than the 2nd top items in a lot of cases and in cases where they're not, they're still very good in comparison. Stack it all together and you end up with the massive gear gaps we have in the game today. The game has always been much better when the difference in gear and levels hasn't been so prominent. B
  12. That's a really narrow minded comment to make. Just because you've never suffered from moments of compulsive gambling or poor impulse control doesn't mean other people don't. It's a pretty common thing and I'm sure a lot of the people left playing this game do have impulse control issues. These events are targeted at them, not you. What Quitted wrote is a typical example of how people spend money in all of these events. Personally I'd never even think of consciously spending $200 directly on an item in a game, but I'd spend $40 for a chance to win, then $40 more when I lose, then
  13. Sadly it's not even about the competition, it's just playing the game in general. I can tank a ton of damage in sieges with my current setup (Truffle gave up on me twice last siege), Oly is just a case of gear, so I gave up on that a while ago (although I used to love it), Open PvP is generally extinct as it's just a case of waiting until a big spender comes along. The problem is just having the gambling pushed on players each month at such outrageous prices and hidden low chances. Without a limit it's easy to intend to spend 8k ncoin for "a little go", but end up blanking out and
  14. I don't have that limit, and even if that limit was applied I'd want it much lower. To the staff (I don't want to link your names since that seems bannable) How can I set a limit?
  15. How do you set up the responsible gaming limits for ncoin purchases? I'd like to set up a limit of 12000 ncoin a month for my account. I've managed to find these settings on poker and other gambling sites, but it's not so clear here. Thanks
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