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  1. Trade Scams in Giran town

    this is pretty low. Wish NC Soft investigated claims and persecuted anyone who uses IP of scammers. There should be at least a Ticket made specifically for this
  2. Classic is a joke

    You have a good point here. Well said. Most servers are play to win. This one is no exception. As most other servers are this one is seniority driven and unfortunately have a chance to bypass Equipment penalties that open up opportunities for P.LVL of boxes. Any server play is your commitment to understanding and embracing local rules individual server loopholes. Playing on this particular server, some would say, is more protected than illegal servers. The game is over 10 years old and needs some money poured in, so the environment is adapted for that. Play L2 or a newer made game, but remember L2 is like the parent to bunch of other well-known MMORPGs. This is more of the dive into past for most people who played as young adults and now have minds and means to play by the rules but against the system.
  3. I appreciate NC soft's efforts to reduce multiple client play, however the reduction to 10 clients running on each machine as a norm is just acceptance of problem and not a solution. VM ware offers solutions for client run from same PC and with decent CPU you can easily run 2/3 (or more) VM's and farm away. If the adena drop was increased (in high profile places) less clients would be logged in order to maintain main characters. Just an idea. Loopholes are always going to be there but improving a game-play over "active" client run is a lot more engaging If anyone from CLASSIC server is reading : please make suggestions in server. Example : All catacombs and necropolis to have similar adena drop (instead of Devotion being the only one with best drops and adena) and All A-grade(harder) catas have harder mobs and less adena +agro. just thoughts