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  1. Less than 24 hours, and in these few hours we saw more dragon fragments from this event than from loot of dragons. Around 5 years, dragon weapons were in the drop list, during this time, we had very few dragon weps, not talkin' about the useful one which we have very few. Being honest it was the first event which I hoped to get NCwested, this event I wanted more than ever to get ZERO loot, and to end up with 5 fragments in the whole 3 servers, but looks like NCwest did what we asked for and increased the chances to get the top loot... So now every other L2Store Sponsor has a fragment and t
  2. Pure greediness that's it! This game is well known for it's crazy In-Game shop, crazy prices, and lest be honest thanks to Lineage II, NCsoft still have a good place in the MMORPG market. But the thing is that NCsoft is not in lake of money, and never was, lest give a quick look at the last event we had in May this year, remember the La Vin En Rose's In this time, there was a cool box which gives 150 boxs for the price of 200 USD, but they were limited for 1500 purchases for each server, according to what I remember NCwest sold around 3000 of these packs ONLY. That means 3000 Packs * 200
  3. Yes that is interesting as well, Why does NCwest ignore us and do not answer for these tickets? Why ain't nobody says that the projects, we've worked on for so many hours, are not acceptable? Why none said us that we were disqualified? But as you see guys, our community, already know who we are dealin' with and that's sad to be honest... Once again we see the support team on their negative side, the ignoring and the not caring one; so what they're being paid for, if not for that? More and more questions are being asked by players, more and more misunderstanding are poppi
  4. Guys please, we ain't here to say what looks good and what doesn't, lest stick to the main issue, the rules and the agreement. So that's another rule which was okay to ignore? That's funny. So some rules are okay to be ignored and some ain't? And what that means about the issue I spotted with the trademark? Is it fine to advertise a commercial brand in the video? And using a "fair use" music is not allowed? The more I dig into the issue the more questions I ask myself...
  5. Well rules are rules and they're for all, people should get it, "Friend", and other videos were not accepted due to copyright issue, make sense. Just another issue with the policy... sad but true... but ain't nobody actually answered on this part: Ain't it written in the policy? Well it does! So as I said, rules are for all, and the winning video, IS NOT acceptable according to the rules.
  6. So it was easier to NCwest to ignore all the people who spent so much time, without even saying them a word. First of all I think you should change the way you add people to contests, due to our dead community in whole NCsoft's Games, you should give people a chance to show themselves. A litter with accepting or a rejection such as :"Your project wasn't accepted because of : "this and that" ", could be a good way to save your reputation as a company. #NCwested Another thing, all of these videos are following the "fair use" of YouTube, which means they're "OK" according to the law, and i
  7. So not so long ago our winner were published GZ to all, but lest give a quick look to what is goin' on there, lest fouse on the main prize, the Video contest. The full list is here: Contest winners With all of the respect to FlorLeFay from Chorons, which took the first place, her/his video is not following the main rules, and here they're : The full rules are here : Lineage II 14th Anniversary Media Contest Rules The first rule says, Lineage II in-game footage, but on the video we see, a person doin' artwork, which is not following ANY of the contests rules. As
  8. I bet the cleaning lady spilled too much water on the floor and the servers are gone now
  9. GMs missclicked, all our accounts are gone? DRAMA! CAKE!
  10. Well I haven't saw it on forum before, thank you for it :3
  11. Liar, liar, Dark Eternal Leather Leggings on fire! You got much more than only topaz! You have Topaz, Elmoreden's Cloak (PvP Attack), and a Insane Kelbim's weapon. ohhh wait, all of these are workin' as Topaz whoops, aaa... Blame the CAKE for it
  12. Yhay! Another topic about bots, RMT and our lovely Moms. For a long time there is no any activity in Naia beside the daily chat PvP, blame the CAKE for it! There only 2 things which Husaria need now in order to fight the "tyrant" DH, 1) A leader with a clean mind, someone who knows how the game works, and ready to spend his time on clan. (Full respect to FoToMoTo, but he knows what I`m talkin' 'bout) 2) 2 or 3 more CPs which are Top-mid gear (around the lvl of Omen's CP and FoTo's) But in fact they need only a good motivated CL which is willing to spend time. The members will join fr
  13. Well it was already mentioned here, so I won't make a long post 'bout it, but with the new update you have added more RBs (101 levels and 105 levels). These new raid-boss ain't random spawned. I think that in order to fight the RMT issues you should make sure that all of the RBs which are above 85 (not pre-GoD one) will be random spawn time, such as the RBs in the area of GoS and AF. (In others words, add random spawn to the new 101 (Westland; Gludio area) and the new 105 (Forest of Dead; Rune)) In- general the update is nothin' but a sign of the greediness of our publishers, all the fish
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