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  1. Hello, What is going on on NAIA server??? All server get disconnects. If there are any problems tell us ! Is imposible to get DC every 15 mins !!!
  2. Hello, Didn`t notice that yet. Many thanks !
  3. Hello, I saw few guys with revelation skills level 2. Can someone tell me how to upgrade to level 2 that kind of skills? Thank you !
  4. Why did you expected? First of all you didn`t buy a "surprise box", you just buy "a chance" ! Second, after you will realize that you spent money for chances you will stop buy.
  5. Hi, Almost every day when i go crisis in my spot comes a different char and just sit there ! Why? Is there a bug or something? Please let me know what is going on !
  6. Hello, I`m very glad that you implemented the neutral zone farming area. But is always full, can`t even find a spot ! Please keep it going and create more farming areas like that because there are a lot of not used places ! It`s just an opinion for next updates ! Do it real please !
  7. Hello, I get bored about this bug. Almost every day it happens. It`s unacceptable. I pay money for PRESTIGE and DESTINY PACK. I let the auto hunt for 10-15 hours and i found out that i killed max 20 mobs !!!!!!!!! You should fix this asap. In second video i restarted and nothing happened. You can see what is going on on the next videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJx1GoYdadE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdFmj2ENjek
  8. What is going on? Are the servers down? !!!! I got disconnected and i can`t log in anymore !
  9. After this update all farming zones are empty...no one can farm anymore in FOM/FOS/FOW/ETC ! What is this ? The mobs kill tanks..kill everything ! I`m 110k HP tank and i die in FOM in 4 seconds !
  10. Dear NCSoft Team, I personally like dwarfs, idk why. Recently I`ve created a tyrr maestro and i`m very dissapointed because I`m lvl 102 and i have 38 milions in my inventory and i can`t learn the GOLEM SKILL. Please do something with this situation. I don`t have money to buy rune stones to learn that skill and soon I will give up. On Naia I must have 900 milions to learn that skill. Give me a tip how to earn this money or this rune stones !! _________________________________________________ - Please no silly comments. I`m very upset.
  11. Hello @Juji@Hime I have a small question. On my account i have the Vitality maintaining rune and everything on my charcater (feoh). Is it posible to transfer it to same account but on another character (iss) ? Thank you.
  12. Hello, I`m trying to do the exalted quest 1 on a new char. In the quest descrription it says that i can collect that "proof of disposal" in Coal mines. I entered coal mines, i killed about 4k mobs and nothing. What is wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcafZI9wWag
  13. Hello, I think there is a mob bug. It happed to me many times. I atack the mob and it doesn`t agro me. I tried with tank agro and is the same story. A short video to can understand what happens (mobs are freezed) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIystGeWPm4
  14. Hello, I`ve looked around the forum, but i didn`t find this kind of topic about arrows. As every yull archer knows that there are 3 types of arrows : 1. Atk Speed arrows 2. P. Atk arrows 3. Added Blow arrows I`m a new yull and i want to know what "Added Blow arrows" are. Please let me and new players know what this kind of arrows are and what it does. What kind of arrows are you using? And for what are you using each type of arrows. Thank you very much and have a blessed day everyone.
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