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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    if we gonna take 60 marks we must finish the RB at stage 23-24 which means too hard for mid gear and only 105 lvl with top gear brooch brs etc can kill it
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    if we do that that means we must finish the rb at stage 15-17 which means less Marks bettween 20-40 ( MEANS NO BRACELET +10) ......
  3. depends the player if he buys from years for sure will not scam you . there is no protection you make a pray and say pls send the adena!
  4. Chronos/Naia Merge

  5. Heroes, October 2018

    yea you have right he have 1 losse
  6. Heroes, October 2018

    alt with 9 games.
  7. How to make pvp alive again

    and what about those who are with full top gear and they die 1 shot from Dragon weapon ( Aka 1million DMG Stage 2 Weapon ) they should quit propably ?? common dude.... i start 5 years ago and i was finding pvp at lvl 95 game is become S H I T cause of the events and promos etc... there is no ppl anymore to pvp thats the end of l2 Chronos and Naia server... thats why they will open classic server cause they know that classic will have success and they will make ppl to play real l2 not like this S h it that we are playing now
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    Nice Program AHAHAHAHA you login once you stuck forever ! AHAHAHAHAH
  10. maybe 111 maybe for 120 Impossible
  11. why we play l2?

    i am addicted if i dont spend money here i am not good for the rest of the month . 4 years now every month i spend money this is addiction for me i prefer to have ncoins that to spend it out in real life.....
  12. WTB/T

  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    finally! 4 years i was waitting for this event!!
  14. WTB/T

  15. WTB/T

    WTB PvE Robe Set +10 pm with offer only