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  1. He is playing with 1 hand 2 Bars at the same time and with other hand he is Moving with his mouse ! at the same time he is targeting with 5 fingers and Shoutting ?? for sure its program OR Mouse Macro for targets
  2. ty for no Answer bb and gl on this game nothing change for years ! gl
  3. what about Party xp Bonus was Nerfed ??? what about Sos/Elven areas Was NERFED ??
  4. i will have it in my mind when i reach your lvl and gear as well
  5. bro You cant create new char do you know why not because of lvl you can reach in 5 months 105 easy ! BUT To Make A pvp char with top gear end everything good luck ! in the half you will quit!
  6. dude i need 300 Billion to change my +11 dark set Correct price of crystals 150m each and i need 1850 guess what i am not even echange armor i will stay with my dark r99 until promos be up and maybe if i am lucky 1 year from now if i gather all the mats i will change it (if server still up until then ) + Plus to make it limited need also to gather 1890 Dark Armor Stones guess again one more year = 2 years for armor only
  7. prince without pepinio dont even talk in chats= easy kill for dh
  8. after update no need to have party to xp or trying to find ! Supports became uselless trying to find dd for duo or trio xp , atm Solo pve and low xp ! they open server with full of bugs anakim in naia still on still bugged ! after 530 pk you need to restart client cause its not let you pk ! and more other stuff ! they didnt test anything they didnt fix nonthing ! so start the solo Carier from now on
  9. well in general adena farm above all is must i think Even for trashtalk and pvp! this is a guy non trustable to be in a clan as you say! but for sure adena above all and they will make more to keep them
  10. Good luck ! that post made it lot of players included me as well for as i remember 5 years now nothing change nothing will game will die very easy lot off ppl quitting more fast than anything ! and ppl who was for years in this game not niewbies etc ! the only good before was you was paying in event promo but you was winning good profits from events now as you see ppl spend 1k box to make 1 lv 5 so to make a greater jewl you need 2k boxes make 2k boxes minimum price 200m each box and try to farm this adena ! now events is just no events ! big rewards not earned even if you earn go
  11. so if dh or max Was helping you ! would be different ? and of course is an easy adena farm why not ? both clans wins maybe next time make a deal with these clan to be winner also !
  12. @Juji xp event 200% and 300% for 2 weeks nothing else just this
  13. if you remember 3 years ago loot random boxes had good changes now all loot boxes have 0 luck and thats why its not worth it to put ncoins for loot boxes events those who remember horse events abundance events and freya and others events they spend 100 200$ and they make profit.100 billion now you dont make profit you dont earn nothing from events and of course 10k $ as you see its not enough. if i spend 10k $ i prefer to spend them in gemstone r grade and after sell them and buy boxes with adena insteed to spend them in events of l2 store with 0 luck random loot. we need to understand ncsoft
  14. its just luck i have seen ppl spend 500 and 0 lv 5 and i have see ppl spend 50 and make lv 5 ! its just luck nothing else thats why also is so expensive as well cause is not easy!
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