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  1. Chronos Castle seige

    the thing is you all think that you are playing in Korea ! but guess what its not korea here and never be ! here the 70% o ppl are eu and the rest from other countries! pvp will die soon servers will die soon nova is pve and crying about pepinio ! max believes that they are the gods of l2 official , Jinkarya believes that he never die he is immortal and his clan bla bla bla make 7s vs 7s and the best party win! after that come here and talk all of you ! about pvp! pvp in forums without going out of towns its just like ( I am hiding Behind my monitor cause i am too noob to pvp)... l2 always was who have better gear and better fingers in pvp all the rest is just Nonsense! i saw 2 ppl with lvl 3 dragons weapons and it was like i saw my 8 years old brother who learn for first time how to play!
  2. they put circlets of power with 9600 ncoins for aniversary and not xp loose after death and vitality bonus 300% sometimes i wonder after so many years why i dont start trolling everyone here ! as they troll us

    still 2 dragon weapons lv 3 ! and 0 fingers
  4. Returning player needs guidance

    even if you manage to make some few adenas at 105 you will need tons of adenas to make Good gear parties will not accept you with r95 gear or r99 gear or lilith talisman etc! you will force to spend lots of money just simple make friends w8 for events and ask them what they spend rewards and you will understand ! like a guy told you before unistall this game find another which dont have so much payment method ! and you will be lucky . ppl who are here is old players who spend years of money ! new ppl dont come if they dont have minimum 10k dollars to spend
  5. i wonder what are you expecting for all that ! the game is dying what else do you want to understand ?? ncsoft trying to absorve every Cent from our pockets and after bb lineage 2 live servers! admins have years to quit this game its not the first time ! its time all to understand that this game is dead ! and ppl who believe the otherwise is just cause they have hopes that something will change !
  6. WTB Greater Jove,Elmore+18,Fists+20-24

    which he bought for 180bill at the first time! rumors said that is Qrokit from max the New i spend 10k dollars in a char with 0 experience in pvp! lf Confirm not 100% but lot of ppl aproove that is him!
  7. the game is envoled it what do you expect? classic is the old game that we all love it of course ppl wanna stay there and not to live servers lineage 2 live is another Lvl of lineage 2 ! its like counter-strike from 1.6 become zero and goes on but ppl prefer the 1.6 cause was one of the best!
  8. you cannot say what ppl must with their money ! dude there is ppl who paying 2k dollars the month just to stay and watch their chars in the town ! its their choise what they do! ppl are crazy ? no just ppl play for fun other for pvp other for casino camble and other cause they dont have anything else to do! there are the poor the mid and the rich and the non-spenders ! its your choise what you want to do! i knew a server with 50 ppl and they spend money even if it was only 50 ppl ! for me deads servers does not say nothing i see very action in the game dh vs max every day pvp , siege , ds siege so how ppl spend their money its their choise ! dont forget i know ppl who have oils in dubai and they see the 2k dollars as 1dolar so for them its nothing !
  9. With Black or Gold Visa simple as that! There is no space for ppl who dont pay this game is only for ppl who pay if they want to reach the lvl of have a Decent gear
  10. WTT

    WTB Bloody/Dark Cutter/Dualsword/Avenger +5+6 3 SA Body/hp Acumen/Sigel 15bill each WTB Ferios +10 18bill forgoten chapters lv1 x3.500 80m each
  11. full party in elven with 200% drop rate rune for 1h and 30 minutes 9 parts eternal full , 1 r99 weapon clean , lots of recipes r99 and lot of mats in general without drop rate all the time there is no drop at all
  12. @hime Here is your Answer to all this THERE IS NO Forgoten SKILLS for this Update only FAFURION update ! you can do this only if you using l2java or Took files from l2 OFF Which you have to Be with The Updates income ! SO No Fafurion no Forgoten Skills
  13. Forgoten skills Supose to be on the next update (Fafurion ) With DROP not buying from l2store not in this update with L2Store !
  14. guess what ! ppl who farming from top clans dragons rbs only those they will spend adena cause they have them, spenders will spend dollars to make it , and the rest ppl who dont cant farm dragons and rbs and they cant farm in open areas Cause the drop rate in mobs is from 0.000.1 to S h it and even if you want to farm in open areas you need to have 3 pc for a full party and macro 24/24 h which you cant do that cause you will get ban as many players who played from different pc's. lot of friends told me that they want to start l2 official my answer is this and the new players Dont just dont find another game you cant survive in this game if you dont have Big visa ! its simple this game is for rich ppl not for mid ppl like us ! try to save 150bill in your warehouse without spending 1 dolar in l2store just for farm you will need 10 years. or better create a new char and try to reach every top item how much you will need simple as that
  15. lucky spenders again they will spend 10-20k dollars and they will make it ! unluky us who manage to make a decent gear with the years