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  1. Enough is enough with event extension time man finally this server must go forward and not stand because you or some ppl was to lazy to get the rewards, server have stack in a point that ppls with 5-10bill items go end farm in fog or at discipline so i hope to get a good update instead of this non tradable weapons that you wanna play with chances so if you are lucky to get a A grade weapon +10 or more , no man just enough. Fix fighter's @Juji
  2. @Juji @Hime and this crap you call lineage 2 classic and lunch essence or something, this server has no future Giran have less than 100 real ppl, there is no content at all ,even whales like spree go and farm LoA ffs ,no PvP full unbalance classes,just end it already!!!
  3. Also do DV and lair more sustainable for normal players and give some love to fighter classes
  4. @Juji you must find a way for Newcomers or returned players to keep up the ppl who play from the beginning
  5. With steal essence attribute dmg doesn't stuck and if I am not mistaken @Juji said in and topic that it works as intented
  6. Why not?

    @Juji @Hime is just a suggestion , the most of the people play l2 knows that RTMs and bot destroying the game and ppl prefer to buy items in real money or adenas once is pretty hard especially for a newcomer to gather Adena to hear up, I am just asking! Why not you ppl in VIP system put Adena drop rate ? Next to drop rate? This way ppl will spend their money to ncwest and not to a voter , leave no VIP ppl with the half rate of Adena drop like it is and put 50% drop rate for vip1 100% for VIP 3 10% for VIP 5 300% or more for VIP 10 this is just an example , so ppl buy kcoins to spend so they can farm and put a bit more pve dmg so ppl can go and farm in higher area's, I so ppl farm in Cruma with 5bill Adena gear wtf....
  7. Special crafting os a plus in new update but all the other is naaahhh As many ppl told before me fix adena drop rate how the.f word.is possible for a guy uses S grade item is more profitable to farm in low lvl area's? Give some love to fighter classes for f word sake even tyrant and titan (those titans and tyrant who ppl see to farm and n loa or toi they spend so much money that i pretty sure with an summoner could do much easier farm) Gove more drop from bosses and epic is ridiculous how expensive and how hard epics are....
  8. Hey I've strongly believe you guys need to nerf DV mobs so ppl can keep up and new ppl join the server , as it is the only way to go from 80-85 is to pay some whale (with adena) to plvl you otherwise is to stay at attribute zone for 6 months . A good nerf on DV and a mid nerf on LoA also some how ppl need to gearup special crafting was a good idea but , there is a but , how someone is supposed to put SA or anakim rune on an S grade weapon? And last wanna ask we will get Cloak event anytime soon?
  9. Well man you don't have 100% right, plenty ppl who are Uber geared still have ALTs in those territories for getting some easy adenas .