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  1. You probably didn't realize it, but EVERYTHING they give to us Free, for a while here, is not shareable or has a date to be deleted. Less "SOME" items from the l2 store. Welcome to the new world of lineage 2
  2. Lean


    If you open your character atribute and drag your mouse into CHA you can see what it give to you: P.Atk/P.Def/Atk.Spd/M.Atk/M.Def/Cast.Spd/Max.Hp/Max.Mp/Max.Cp increases. Edit:"CHARISMA - symbol of the absolute effect of the ability to affect most of the combat skills."
  3. 1- Do what you want with your money. 2- Any one beside you talk about get rich? 3- There's many ppl who are in the server like 4/5 months well geared without gamble, just selling their NCoins. I BET that's is the whay to go ATM. 4- Read again, mb you will got it the point, i ll help, if you spend 10 bucks you should get at least same in return (some crap itens that worth that 10 bucks in adena) i dnt talk about jackpot, like open one box and get a dragon weapon. Last events, suspicious safe/mistery box, d you knw any one who got the top reward? And when i say top rewa
  4. By the time you should have understood that gamble with the company is not a positive thing if you don't have much to lose, here the house always ends up winning. Mb you are new here but, this is what ppl are complaining constantly about the loot box mechanics in various topics on the forum, here many complain that they should receive at least something similar to the amount invested. if you want to gamble with them GL for you.
  5. Has anyone found him? If so where? I looked for aden and giran and I couldn't find it. what am i missing
  6. Paulina Eternal Ring from AH (if you have luck to find one) and 30 days warriors oly ring. That is better than Q.A / R.C.
  7. If you depend on it to decide, i don't think you have to wait for any answer.
  8. It's worth mentioning too, the healers and the tankers, both, have no target skills that people can take advantage of and force a flag, they should remove this, flag while aoe non target skills, and enable pk drops, to stimulate fear in whales that like to pk, i would love to see a whale's frustration face for losing his precious items for being a bad guy. However, I believe that this should not happen anytime soon. #makelineage2greatagain
  9. + Mb we get more info about the plan on the next week, hope they fix this once for all, adena, exp, drops and more 107~108~109~110 areas / mobs. The event is not bad, but it is certainly not a solutiont.
  10. Also this kind of info need to go on l2store itens, wich one is tradeable or not, on this event, correct-me if i'm wrong, but i believe all itens aint tradeable.
  11. Yes, you will just lose the dye, the best way is to leave the exalted in the main, that the 9str will increase the attributes of the dual, and in the dual you put the other dye you want.
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