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  1. Dual class

    I am yul, against every ppl i was thinking to choose a othell as my dual class just because the 14 days weapons. What is the max lvl the dual class can reach? i see ppl saying 105, than 106 and i get the conclusion that can be more high. just asking cause i miss all those updades, and dnt find anything especific about, i can manage to find outdate infos. Should i use dragon bow for 4 days or should i use like a dagger for 14 days? And more important what is the max level of a dual class.
  2. 4.6 days 😔 and the mages (not melee with more damage than archers) will get 14 days.
  3. Cube of gratitude

    Yes exactly what i said. account is different from character! Why the caps you are mad? you're taking the train running.
  4. Cube of gratitude

    I'm new here, so I already realize that patch notes have to be interpreted since they are not clear. From what I read this is written 1 on account and at no time is a character mentioned, based on that I think the cube can be transferred to another character of the same ACCOUNT, but the cube items are not.
  5. Cube of gratitude

    No no, they dnt mention CHARACTER
  6. I pick the cube with my seller, but i want share to my combat character from the same account, i can't?
  7. Dual Class L2 Live

    Dual iss for prophecy buffs rly? Same buffs with 5m duration? So you keep swapping into your dual every 5 min? LOL The point is: There is no joy using a dual class you dnt LIKE just because what you really need is grind those certificatios ASAP.
  8. Dual Class L2 Live

    Thanks for the quick answer, I still haven't selecy my dual class because of these questions. So, basically, dual class is dead? For example, I am yu, so may be better choose yul as a dual class, just to get the lvl and skills fast right. I don't see any joy in that, just repetitive things, but that's okay, we have to play the game they want us to play, right? thanks again for answering me so quickly.
  9. First of all I would like to say that I searched the internet and found nothing regarding what I am going to ask about the new dual class system. I would like to know if the Main class gains passive dual class skills, for example: Main yul / Dual othell Or the only skills that go into the main class are the skills you buy with certification?
  10. L2 Store Items

    I was wondering to knw if worth buy, dungeon entrances like strong, cocktails, partycakes, this tipe of thing. Thanks for the quick reply
  11. Wich ones of the l2 store items are the most used in general and tradeable, i want sale they for adena. The high end players can help me figure this out?
  12. The Suspicious Safe

    Bless anthara's nice
  13. Yul Sagittarius

    Any advice for a dual class and certification? Last time i play l2 was on gracia. Tyr is really good with archer? Some one say to me make a tank. 🤔
  14. The Suspicious Safe

    At this time no one get something really god from the box?
  15. The Suspicious Safe

    Thanks, sorry about my noob questions, i m new here and my luck usualy is bad.