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  1. After a year of playing, I still haven't seen a single raid boss. I will let you choose a random boss for me. :)
  2. Where did all the naked Ertheia girls go?
  3. I'm keeping getting this message: Your purchase could not be completed at this time. Please contact Support for assistance. 100414
  4. A better compensation would be a vitality maintaining rune (7-day) or a exalted dragon weapon.
  5. Which one do you solo with? The Dreadnought or the StormScreamer?
  6. Is it worth it? I can only make one ( I only have 600m adena), and I'm trying to get a better weapon then the exalted one.
  7. Where can you farm the scrolls?
  8. What's the average price for a dragon fighter stage 1?
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