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  1. nc troll the ppl i leave giran server with 2 chars 30+ and start in aden server...i log to game without waiting and the server have the same ppl online WTFFSSfssdfds
  2. 2.5k players queue =10 hours + waiting...and game mb dc so another 10 hours...first time i see this sh1t in game realy....
  3. all d0natos stay to game 2k active +3k b0ts
  4. for sure i give one month server classic will be dead
  5. no one from devs answer to ppl....make d0nate to play ^^^^
  6. i play from greece i have 2 chars 30+ in giran but i will go to start in aden server :///
  7. giran server in 1 month will be dead ....
  8. i give this sh1t max one month to lose 3k ppl mb 4
  9. 10 hours w8 and internet die +10 hours xDDD
  10. finally now get dc hahahaah
  11. dont say FTP because is not...need make purchase to play the game ....
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