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  1. Where are you located Are you using a VPN? How frequent is the latency you're experiencing? Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? 1) Canada 2) no 3) 90% of the time 4) All places, open WH, open AH, open event item, compound, enchant, instance zones, hunting zones, melee lag, run lag, trade lag, skill lag....
  2. I will cancel my 2 prestige subs. It's impossible with this lag. Nothing changed and to be honest is worse now than before.
  3. So, gm buffer will great for compensate us.
  4. Any gem to try to check this ?
  5. Hi GM's é A lot of player are getting dc after dc. is there any problem with server ?
  6. I tested until 110. from 110 to 111 my pt member gave me the value. To other lvs i got with some friends in the game. From my side i got this number before update and compare with the new values after it.
  7. 106 to 107 before 631 tri | after 631 tri 0% of difference. 107 to 108 before 1.767 quad | after 1.515 quad -14% of difference. 108 to 109 before 2.575 quad | after 1.818 quad -29% of difference. 109 to 110 before 6.545 quad | after 4.363 quad -33% of difference. 110 to 111 before 13.964 quad | after 13.964 quad 0% of difference. 111 to 112 before 25.136 quad | after 20.946 quad -17% of difference. 112 to 113 before 37.703 quad | after 30.163 quad -20% of difference. 113 to 114 before 54.318 quad | after 36.196 quad -33% of difference. 114 to 115 before
  8. I tested. before was necessary 140 tri to get 1% of the lv 110. NOW i need 135 tri to get 1% of the lv 110. Almost nothing.
  9. Now i'm lv 110. i need 140 tri of xp to get 1%. If i use wiki information i will need 98 tri to get 1%. If they will reduce the xp need to lv up, this new xp will be less than 140 tri. Have a nice day.
  10. I'm compare with the normal setup(before boost xp). The update to theses zones were not donne and the adena and itens drop chance are worse than before(before boost). Respaw is slower now. So why have a rune xp 200%(30 days) if i need to wait 5 secs to one moob respaw? Plz ncsoft fix it.
  11. Hi adm's. I would to like to know where are theses changes to the below hunting zones: Phantasmal Ridge Alligator Island Desert Quarry and etc Theses hunting zones are giving the same xp/sp than before, and adena/itens drops are worster than before. This update seens not to be in line with the patch note. This update is completely insane to 90% of the server. Just check lv of the actives players ,this is not complicated. Best regards.
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