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  1. It's all well good about the 3rd class quests and all, but you guys said the lvl would cap out at 70 and there's currently a few lvl 76s from what I understand so how is that fair that those guys will be able to do the 3rd class quest right away and take over the servers. It's dumb that you guys didn't stop the lvling progress of those that have BOTTED their way up to where they are now, there's NO way that someone can be on 24/7 lvling and that's the only way that there could be lvl 75 or 76 players in the game right now. You really need to look at those accounts that are that high and eith
  2. Nope, because it's still happening to my bro. THEY DIDN'T FIX SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. How about you guys fix the DC issues ppl are having once they get ingame???? It really sucks fighting and then getting DCed because of something on YOUR end, NOT mine. I know it's NOT my end because one of my chars gets DCed and the other one doesn't, if it was on my end they would BOTH get DCed
  4. IMO, you guys shouldn't be taking a server down on peak GMT-5 time for a fix that isn't gonna effect very many ppl at all, if they are 60+ they are nolifers and should be taking a break some other time or not getting the xp they should be getting. Also imo if they are 60+ already they are 99% most likely bots and should be banned anyways. You guys should NOT be taking a server down for this long during peak hrs PERIOD.
  5. I'm NOT talking to you so STFU, I only want to hear something from JUJI and company.
  6. Honestly the way adena is right now we can't buy healing potions or shots from the store because they are way too expensive for the amount of adena per drop we get. So yeah the adena needs fixed as well.
  7. Some answer from Juji and company would be nice here.
  8. The adena I can MAYBE live with, however the 10% loss of XP is stupid, especially when Juji said we would only lose 4% upon death.
  9. You said in the live stream we would lose ONLY 4% on death, we are STILL losing 10% wtf gives with this BS. I'm playing a dorf which is hard to lvl as it is and you guys are making it even more difficult so WTF are you gonna fix this BS, also the adena drops are ridiculous at best that needs to be fixed as well or you will lose a TON of players because 90% or more of us actually have jobs and don't have time to lose XP and grind for hrs on end. FIX THIS SHIT NOW
  10. First of all Leaner is me and second of all I disabled everything except Microsoft stuff on startup and restarted my pc then tried to get in and still does it.
  11. I too have this issue. I have even changed video cards in my PC and updated all video drivers on both cards before trying the game and still it hangs and I have to hold down my power button until it restarts. This is VERY ANNOYING and would be very nice if it got FIXED SOONER rather than LATER.
  12. There will be no subclass system, at least they say that isn't the route they wanna go as of right now.
  13. There is NOT 3 extra servers, not sure where you get that from the (KR Classic) servers are Korean Classic servers, they just have #1 and #2 which is what ours is gonna be.
  14. Not to mention it's a TON easier to lvl any other class than WS because noone wants to party with a WS.
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