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  1. Cake Fail

    Besides that, everything is lagging as hell. you cant even use npcs. the whole thing is a total mess
  2. Consecutive Disconections

    What is going on? Its been impossible to play for the last few days.
  3. If this is going the way of p2w everything, I am quitting.
  4. Can't get past server selection

    I tried that. loggin wth a proxy (used betternet). it works but with one of the worst lags ive ever seen. As an emergency solution (like logging to play WC buffing once every 20 min), it may work, but noway I will be able to have a decent gaming experience, specially with my main playin like this.
  5. Can't get past server selection

    I was able to log in through betternet but lag is horrible. At most, I can fish using this proxy but no way i can play with that ping. I hope you are able to solve this quickly.
  6. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

    I guess only tomorrow things will be sorted out. anyway, I would appreciate if you guys could give us an update on these connection issues
  7. Can't get past server selection

    Cant log too!
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

    Any news on the connection issue above? trying and not being able to log any of my chars for 30 min now...
  9. Kain

    DarkMarksman. Played on Team Jesus Dark Vengeance Rdogs Yeah Right Nova as a BD Coming back again.
  10. Please put a price to mdt teleport

    Pls dont even consider this.
  11. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    Keep macros pls
  12. Old NA servers

    DarkMarksman BD - Kain
  13. Remove looping macro

    Keep Macros pls!