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  1. Lineage 2 classic is over. Only bots play Sad that administrators do nothing...
  2. stop crying... Giran - 1000-1500 max online,,,, the rest are just bots
  3. 1. Banned bots (or allow dropping items after death) 2. Merge Aden+Gludio 3. Open the new server Last hope.
  4. A new name for the game to - World of the Bot. I stop playing and I do not buy vip, it does not make sense...
  5. More pvp and don't use scroll xp (the daily quests)
  6. Location: Dwarven Village > Western Mining Zone World of Bot. $$ :/
  7. Mystic Knife Type - Dagger / 1-h. P. Atk.: 45 M. Atk.: 52 Soulshots Consume: 1 Spiritshots Consume: 1 Price: 900k. Pm me in game "skrzypek
  8. Również ide na serwer Giran ale PL klanów na forum nie widać
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