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  1. GMs are not anwering...why? With GMs far from the servers is impossible to play a fair game, if they continue do make mistakes like in the "Restoration exploit" when they allowed to a lot of people to make end game gear abusing with the restoration system this server is doomed.
    Is really impossible receive an answer?

    @Juji @Hime

  2. Cursed weapons have great skills but I want to ask why their skills work in an unique way.
    Let me explain what I mean:

    Point 1: There are many ways to cage a player in this game or to debuff them, but all have in common something.
    When you use the cage from "scorpio agath" you flag, your name become purple and you can be killed. When u cage with a cursed this dont happen...why?

    Point 2: Moreover is not possible use a lot of debuff if people are in a generic field and are with white name (as trasform, assoul shock, ecc...) why is possible use the cage if you are on a generic field and the target is not flagged?

    Point 3: Moreover why cage work on multiple target? With only 1 cage you can cage 9999 target and using the cage on a target near another with disparition is even possible cage a target who was not allowed to be target.

    I would like explanations on how it works and why, I think they should be fixed.
    I wait for your news, thanks.

    @Juji @Hime

  3. Hi @Juji @Hime Is it normal that heroes can be pg box or can be feeded by others pg?

    I think is not normal that the strongest pg can be elected by a system where people can click in the same time and jump in the same time to feed their friends.

    With this system is possible to create a box lv 99 and let him get the hero!!! You have just to jump all togheter with your friends and they have to make you win! So the hero is not the strongest pg but the pg with more friends! Is not possible to create a system where people fight with random ppl and not with the pg who clicked with you?

    Other problem is share equip, there are heros that share equip with them....there are on Naia 3 heroes with 1 equip only! Is not possible to make a system where heroes have to fight in the same time? So with this system the strongest yul hero can makes boxs and take also the others yul heroes title!

    I think is not fair play with this olympiad system....looks more a farce!

  4. For sure on Naia there are more than 5 Shilen lv 10, because the GMs had not noticed that moving the crystal on another weapon the code changed and therefore it was possible to request a new restoration. Some people have noticed and now the server is full of Shilen lv 10/9. Obviously not a word has been said by the GMs about it, I suppose not to make a bad impression. Now if you ask for the restoration they tell you that it is no longer possible, but all the people who have already taken advantage of it?

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