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  1. Only farmers will benefit from this, as they did from the last event.
  2. 1st night of Olympiad

    Make oly 76+ minimum. Or make Noblesse quest possible. People are going to feed like crazy
  3. You forgot to mention a few: Mighty mortal daggers Boss jewels that only added resistances, not success chance. Nuker AOE in PVP since no one knew what jewels were used for. EE could effectively recharge themselves at a high enough level. Spell Singers using sleep cloud and AOE to 1v9 full parties. No mention of Kamael? Soulhound- Shadow bind on Baium 100% soulhound couldn't move but neither could Baium lolololol. Berserker - disarm 100% then mass disarm 100% for when that debuff fell. The addition of Elemental Attack attribute for dagger classes - +1 Enchanted Stabs for element and instant 20k Backstabs. The uncapped crit damage modifiers for the entire history of the game making a full titan group with frenzy zealot able to kill any RB in game in 30 seconds with Rsk. Critical Blunts. Ahh the good old days when everything was balanced, right?
  4. There is a large English population on TI but, most of those English players have huddled together in clans at this point, you wont find many pubs. Look at clans Apex, Camelot, Darkwrath, USA, Antisocial, bigbadwolves. I don't know what Giran server is like but TI is very populated. I am personally from Darkwrath - we are primarily USA.
  5. Warlock - tips

    Robes since you are a summoner. Your armor isn't overly important for PvE since your pet will be doing everything for you. A karmian set and a weapon for your grade to occasionally nuke should get you through most content. DYE depends on your playstyle, if you are passive and supporting your pet, you don't need to focus on changing your caster dye, the easy choices for DYE is -7 STR +5 CON. Any weapon is fine to channel heals for your pet, again assuming you let your pet do the work for you. If you like to nuke occasionally then get a mage's weapon. Otherwise go for something cheap with shots like a D-Grade or Non-Grade weapon for heals. Once you decide to get into PVP, your gear choices will need to change, but since your pet is 85% of what your class is all about, you just need to level up the summon, and your cubics for most PvP. The paralyze cubic is damn near 100% as well, so you shouldnt have much issue in 1v1 PvP.
  6. Thanks for providing examples of two very common logical fallacies; the straw man argument, and false dichotomy.
  7. Classic Server Population.

    Bring back the queue.
  8. Dear NC Soft, Please read the plea of your community. This is a tragic direction for a game that so many of us enjoy more than any other MMO. You have such a passionate following, and this is nothing short of a betrayal to your otherwise absurdly loyal player base. Roll the servers back. Refund all players for any transactions today, and throw the stupid angel cat buff if you are feeling super generous. We are practically begging you to not make these items available in the NC shop.
  9. I'm not sure if I am overly relieved, or severely disappointed. You've given me a reason to stop caring, on any level about your game, or trying to compete on any level. So thanks for freeing up my personal time, I really lost any drive to push further. On the flip side, you've disappointed thousands of players who really just wanted a re-release of the game. Would it have even cost your company any money to keep L2 servers running, and just milk the player base with VIP, 50% XP runes, and XP Scrolls? Why is that no enough for you? Why in god's name do you include an item that is completely unattainable by any other means than paying your company. Some of the most imbalanced illegal servers still maintain content that is technically achievable in-game with perseverance. Shaking my head so much. Thanks for the 4 months of hope, it's all gone now.
  10. Update on Forgotten Island Hunting Zone

    Lvl Cap is 85 - probably.
  11. suggestion for bot-free server

    I like to believe these "Random bans" are a result of RMT, or botting.