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  1. We know that Juji is not drom the Dev team, but I doubt that daily ban bots on the exp zone list we made depend from Korea! Same for TXD that is using full program for farming Raid bosses alone... So as a proof of your consideration towards us, your staff should start by this @Juji and you should come IG DAILY for showing to player that you are here! I cannot understand why we still have to say it, it should be obvious for the GMs. But it sounds like you definitively lost contacts with players... When a customer is saying "we do not see you enough", the minimum would be to show
  2. No announce, no plan, all the RMT botters are in their same place and NOTHING change. You could at least stat by cleaning the server from thoses RMT players, but you DO NOT EVEN DO IT. Can i ask you what are you paid for?? And this is a real question. What are you really doing during a day of work... Because inside Game Master title, there is a word: GAME. And nobody see you in game. Are you aware that some people, in illegal server, are doing better work than you for banning bots, and they are not even paid for it!
  3. About summoner, you can also add the Erase skill to hierophants, with a reuse time faster than summoning a new summon, and at least Hierophant class will be played live...
  4. PM moi sur Giran classic aujourd'hui, je serais connecté Sinon sous Discord, Rikhey#3297 avec un R majuscule
  5. We are now Lv5 with an ally. Luzza, Pm Rikhey in game, and i will add you in the appropriate clan!
  6. Hi, Varuna clan LV4 (soon lv5) with a lot of clans skills, exp buff, Doing RB lv 70-80, Baium, instances, with an ally is looking for players LV70+ We also have a clan for lower players. We Need WC live, one Prophet, SWS, cardinal, SE, BD and DDs. No dwarf or overlords allowed (we have enough).
  7. You are right. But They seems to do not understand all this meaning of this. NC soft seriously, if you manage like this. Just bankrupt now. close your company, you will save more money with this way. Because you will become more and more like a video game ghost company. or do smartphone games only...
  8. all my clans agree with this. we rather like a subscription or some cosmetic stuff, or boost exp. Not this kind of item. you cheated all the players. you are offering us 3 simple choices: - Stay on classic server, but pay for survive and gives a lot of $$ - Stay on classic server, do not pay, and be a victim, not able to do pvp, neither siege or epics. Then people will quit - Quit now, for saving money, time, and for being cheated. That means that you will loose at least 50% of players. That's a big mistake from NC Soft. Correct this asap, refu
  9. Furious steel is playing on Giran classic server.
  10. Bonjour, Clan lv3 recrute joueurs FR de tout niveau. Nous avons 3 clans actuellement, bientôt 4. Selon votre niveau et plage horaire, vous serez orienté dans un clan. Le clan principal est complet, nous sommes tous 50-60 Nous faisons des RB en alliance. PM Rikhey In game pour plus d'infos
  11. Hi draecke it's been a while! How are you? anyway, you are damn so right, i knew that this day will happen, but no so suddenly and with an item so overpowered for the 1st P2W item they does. I spent 4 months creating clans, ally, and everything will be bleeped up!
  12. Salut, On a un clan FR, lv 50-60, un clan pour les lowbies, 1 clan inter, et le second sera pour bientot. Le tout dans une ally inter et on farm des RB pour se stuffer. votre profil nous intéresse, PM Rikhey IG Nous sommes pour la plupart des trentenaires, on connait bien le jeu. On a actuellement une CP fighter, une CP mage, et une seconde CP mage presque complète. On aimerait avoir une CP archer comme la votre!
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