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  1. ah so you won the siege? ah no....
  2. that pro uses to run with adrenaline to pull for the akamanah retributer on naia, he will never give up, but he thinks to be spender enough to be important for NcSoft
  3. Today i was reading the world shout and a character proposed to start a trashtalking olympiad, would be a way to let these people "fight" with chat in a "protected" environment. Would be good to work this way - The people that apply for the trashtalking olympiad have access to a special chat, different color where they can "battle" all the day - People that want to read this chat can decide to activate it or not - At end of month there will be a public vote on the characters that were in the olympiad - Who wins get a new color of shouts (no infinite shouts because it's too dangerous) What you think about this?
  4. Dead Pet exploit/bug

    I see many toons in StrongHold that use dead pets/hawks to pretend to stay in macro targetting them to jump while they are just putting them to cover their adrenaline script, because if you move the hawks they will continue to do same "lap". But beside of this, i tried to whisper to some of the owners of dead pets, and they are offline (not once, not twice, but always offline)! This is a bug/eploit, i reported it but of course nothing happened, so is it legal to do that trick? @Juji
  5. you mean those ones you are crying about in other topic? Do you cry for them and then you want them? Not surprised to see that from that side ajajajajaja
  6. This kind of feeding is making really bad advertising to servers, there are streamers that keep making the game lose money because they show how they fed hero is getting hero without equip just being feeder by "click at same time". Solution is simple, or equip cannot be traded for 24h after disequipping, or maybe (but of course is more difficult but really more interesting) using the first 3 week of the months with general ranking (right now) and the last weekend with 1vs1 matches between the best players in each class, I think all the servers would stop to see the matches , nice streamings to do, nice advertising for the game, more money for GMs,more fun to the players @Juji
  7. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    they are killed every day
  8. Paagrio Earring bug

    How can this guy know so well the damage given by using the exploit? @Juji
  9. That would be really good, The Shilen/dragon/restoration exploit made many people get advantage from cheating, and they were not punished in any way (don't say that is different because NOONE got banned and NOONE got his item back to previous enchant in the 2 servers), so the best way to get some equiality with NON CHEATERS would be to make those items "simple" to do, so if a person made for example a shilen10 with exploit don't have a 1trilion item but an item that is worth 100kk, it would be really good, and it would take money in the wallett of NcSoft for sure
  10. You guys didn't read.l the most important thing of this maintenance that is the changing in restoration token policy. @Hime @Juji what about who abused the bug to make items? Do you punish only who didn't use this exploit, good job .. In Naia server a whole clan made cloaks +20 and shilen 10 abusing this restoration, then don't say that you are not helping them, because it's obvious you are doing it. Removing the restoration just after they made all those equip with the bug, really good job. Do you shout 123 in server too?
  11. The answer is "yes" but they don't stack, just try in game, it's 20kk Primeval Isle drop you see? the "scammer" gives you an answer, your "friend" gives you lemons and ask for money and keep "secrets" for themselves. Read the European patch, is much more accurate and should be similar at 99%
  12. All of the answer are in the patch note, but probably you were not able to read while writing 123 to catch for friends
  13. You know that no actions will be done against those people, or maybe they will only punish one side. If you ask why, just remember when there was the last update with the crafting packs were the patch notes said one thing and then it was another and one big name was bullying all the server because he become rich because of this. Or when the events are secret and one player always know when to buy and sell things at lower price just before event has to been discovered by everyone. This is not a casualty, and will be not a casualty of those abusing players will not be banned. It's not a casualty that all the shilen 10 were made by same clan, like the cloaks +20, casualty doesn't exist
  14. But what about a player that made many shilen 10 with the bug and then sold them in the game for real money by Twitch payment? A full clan, as equipped the biggest DD with that bug, and they used the same for cloaks, will they ever be banned? We need answers
  15. Hypocrisy on the way when you sold all the crystals to all the server after abusing the Bug. You will keep the money and they will get the crystals back to low level. Perma-ban is the way