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  1. Neutral zone is litteraly useless to what is meant to be, noone that is level 108-110 in party can go there because people level 118+ pk and take spot 24/7 to farm adena with all their boxes, little zone and useless, this means that supports/dd of low level cannot farm where they should be Augmenting stone on shirts, good items for sure, but what about defense? doesn't exist, as always you keep adding damage to DDs and nothing for supports (or even other DDs) to defend, 15% pskill damage more and 0 defense, what should a normal or even equipped toon do against that damage output?
  2. who cares about naia? chronos is the money
  3. Do the scrolls stashed in some people warehouse be rolled back or they will appear from nothing after 1 month like happened other times?
  4. All ready to shout "123" as soon as it's announced that no rollback will be done?
  5. Be ready for "oh sorry, you didn't use the bug? Ehhh now is late, take the angel cat, i keep my money" They will never rollback the adena/market/trades of some big emperors. Wonder who was buying dw fragment before the event? Is simple to remember for naia people
  6. the fact is that server will become more unbalanced because of a bug
  7. because all the chest /scrolls have been bought by exeq7er in the first minutes of server restarts, that's why you don't see anyone shouting in Naia. Is the same that happened for shilen bug, a full side made shilen 9/10 and a big kick in the ass for the rest of the people
  8. because people like exeq7er is earning a lot, they will never make him lose adena, and extending the event is a fraud as well for who bought the chest/scrolls before
  9. rollback is impossible now, say goodbye to balance, say goodbye to a lot of people in the server, they will never rollback the earnings of people like exeq7er
  10. There is no reason to play in this server, i will ask for refund for all my prestige if they don't rollback, this is called FRAUD, in Naia one single person bought all the chest 1 moinute after server restart, as always he knew about the bug and exploited, no reason really to do anything else than quit
  11. Why NCSoft should solve a problem if it's your provider to fail? Remember that DC are never NCSoft problems
  12. The Blessed exlated set can be made bloody/dark?
  13. Ok, now that the girlfriend of the biggest botter/exploiter of Naia has her castle back, can we have a real event?
  14. I was wondering how two chars of the same clan in Naia have items that can only be made with a click on 10% success rate at a cost of around 15k dollars per try, so easy they have this tool. Maybe is the same that one of those characters used to make an aden+20, and maybe is the same tool that another one from same clan use to summon himself during twitch streams, and maybe is the same tool that another one from that clan use to "spawn" himself near you when is needed, and maybe is the same tool that same clan character used to make a dragon ring+8, and maybe is the same tool that same clan ch
  15. Is it true that game wasn't working with bots and so you had to solve it soon to let the bot streamer get his chests at restart?
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