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  1. lol at you all. only now u're mad? took you only almost 10 years of p2w. the boiling frog experiment was a success! they are a korean company lf milking your overseas wallets. as I always say, only one here getting some is juji ncwest runs on barebones, outsourced support, they might not even have a 10 person team for all their games published in the americas. thx automation, monitoring tools, remote access, and "maximize profit" culture they dont care about ur complains as you keep buying. tevas made a 1k box video where he only got crap.. and you still bought.. seriously.. yo
  2. The solution for Greedy Chest cheating farmers is here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20644-bots-waitting-for-greedy-chests-enough-is-enough/?do=findComment&comment=141278
  3. The solution is to remove chests and add randomly spawned mobs. Like the old Lizardmen quest for holy crystals. A special mob with the same name as a normal one would spawn with a green title after killing a regular one. Just change chests to those types of mob mechanics. No one would be able to uses spys to target them.
  4. Yeah. Total disrespect and clear sign of disregard to their own rules. Taking everyone as guilty first. But my case is even worse. I didn't even enchant or ask for restoration. I just asked for eligibility. @Juji@Hime
  5. I double checked with the GM that took my ticket first, then "Senior" GM Wraith already came throwing stones saying I was exploiting and banning me. THEN, I started being rude BACK, by using caps lock, lawl
  6. Buy what? You cant read? LAWL I didn't enchant my weapon. I just asked twice to confirm for eligibility and "Senior"GM Wraith banned me for asking. The other item I asked for eligibility that they said was eligible (fallen angel ring) they didn't restore. They banned me for double checking. Not even asking for an actual restoration of the weapon.
  7. You can see how those outsourced GM's are extremely unqualified. Making assumptions, taking deliberate actions, not even following their own "holy", constantly updated Policy. Imagine if I used some service like WTfast?
  8. "then wait 90 days to restore "ANOTHER" weapon". There is absolutely nothing that makes this understanding on the Policy. You have 3 tokens. You can only use one per category per period of 6 months(weapon/armor/accessory/others), you cant use two or more tickets to restore same category within 6 months. I did it all right. I always read the policy even before asking for eligibility because its always getting updated. I always ask for eligibility before trying anything. I waited more than enough time. I asked politely for eligibility. I was polite when double checking and quoting their
  9. yeah me too, i just asked for eligibility, got crappy response, no actual reason and then, when someone finally said the reason i was accused of exploiting the service. they don't like to be confronted. and for the item they said i could restore, they didn't. those "GM's".. haha @Juji@Hime
  10. 1 and 2 are OK in my case. Number 3 you mentioned is not a policy, where did you take that out from? But they are taking deliberate action. If one item should or not be restored more than once, its not on the Policy ATM and its not this discussio.
  11. Other than that one. As I said "only that once". All other restorations had nothing with that. What do you trust? The always kept up do date Policy, or some random outsourced, probably not even on Zendesk anymore, GM phrase in the middle of the wall of text of pre-made copy-text response?
  12. Where is it written that anything restored cant be restored again? THAT'S the question. Because its clear, one of the rules to be eligible for failed enchants: "The item has not been restored by the NCSOFT Support Team in the last 90 days, this includes restorations performed on another account or character." If they say that the item cant be restored again within 90 days, that's plain human readable language that items can be restored more than once, given the appropriate time. Silly, I did not lose my weapon. I just asked for eligibility. My weapon is safe and sound. Are
  13. For the extremely under educated that cant understand or lazy that didn't take time to read: I asked to see if some items we're eligible for restoration, included a bow restored before by me 5 months ago. They said the bow cant be restored because it was restored 5 months ago. But their policy says after 90 days it can be restored again. I then asked again, clarifying the dates for them, and quoting their policy. And bam, I got accused of exploiting the service and no more response. Even another item they said could be restored, wasn't. @Juji@Hime
  14. Straight to the point. I opened a ticket to check for few items restoration eligibility. Restoration Policy is pretty clear: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy I was then accused by a """Senior""" GM of trying to exploit the restoration system. Only because I quoted their own Policy to them. The full untouched conversation is here. Pretty frustrating seeing how unaware of the work they are supposed to know how to do it. I've gotten no response so far for the restoration of other items on the list. By """Senior""" GM Wr
  15. you dont say?!(nicolas cage meme here) the big sharks will pay multiple vpn's, maybe even have different ISP's but the amateurs, the hundreds of them, who are doing the same thing as the big sharks in a smaller proportion but in mass numbers, wont be able to do keep doing it.
  16. you have to spend 8k+ buying nc coin and selling for adena then quit realizing its not enought
  17. again, eXEQtor is doing it totally legally. taking his video as example does not represent the real issue. if you knew better the game you play you could do the same. the real problem are the ones using 3rd party programs to automatically teleport. and nothing will be done. this kind of automation is being used for years by cheaters in raiders crossroads and NC they make a blind eye over it. believe me.. i've made tons of videos catching them on how instantly they teleport after NPC spawns(1-2 seconds the char is already there and moving) and even with the spies not being in party wi
  18. sry to tell you that hes doing nothing wrong. he's just using what the game client already provides. he has to look right to check where that is. he's not the problem.. the problem are the ones who automatically teleport.
  19. Mere mortals come from illegal servers, play until lvl 99 and leave game. Also if they are smart enough(not shown lately( @Juji)) they can even sell a new pack for multibox(cheaper than prestige), without the prestige benefits. Internet café? You have just been de-frosted? That used to be a thing in Korea only before smartphones,many years ago. And like @KuppoRoo said, those café had their IP's registered with NC. Hello, Top spenders will never stop spending big. They are here for almost 2 decades, have spent too much time and cash in L2 and they enjoy very, very much
  20. To implement 1 single box per prestige subscription per ip. already implemented, tested and verified to be healthy. just activate it. will solve many, many, many, problems
  21. Time to stop making energy of protection a rare item. specially with that shi tty success rate
  22. lol theres 0% drop penalty. stop spreading misinformation you illegal server noob. the penalty starts when u're 3 or more lvl higher than the mob. has been like that since 2004. there's XP penalty if the mob is 10 lvl or more. You get 0 xp. and don't get confused with party members level XP penality. that's when someone is 6+ lvs above you. at 10+lvs above you you get 0 XP even killing mobs close to your lvl. no wonder nobody from NC replies to these threads with so many noobs talking crap. not worth their time to explain.
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