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  1. XP table reverted back to old one? Was getting 0.0001 per 5b~ xp now im getting the same 0.0001 per 20b xp
  2. "4RcH3Rs hAv3 be3N tHe B3sT cL4Ss iN aLl cHrOnICL3" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Where were you when archers had 30% damage nerf based on target distance? Where were you when they introduced Song of Windstorm? I bet you have no idea what it is. Where were you when archers skills were useless for dmg and all we had was normal attacks that are subject to bow delay? Do you even know what bow delay is? I bet my gear you dont. Where were you when on top of Song of Wind storm they introduced Counter Critical (-30% received critical dmg and 2x given critical dmg EXCEP
  3. back 3 weeks after and good to see everyone still very unhappy with this except, ofc, the 1% and the usual "YoU cAn cR1t 90% oF tHe TiMe" challenged. to the ones saying all we need is +20 the skills for Focus, please, send us the chapter 1 mastery books or STFU
  4. DONT listen to any m* here that claims that "YoU cAn EZ rEaCH 95% sKiLl cRiTiCaL cHaNcE" "aRcHer gEaR iS 10x cHEaP3r tHaN FeoHHH" My post with complete explanations and calculations PLUS official tests from 4game: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20113-archer-nerf-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=136319 My own results with 97 DEX, Lv8 Hunter (+13%), PoM (+25%), +8 Cancer(+8%), AP (+10%)and passive archer skill (+10%) Here's a russian GM video trying to minimize the nerf using top end gear(LMAO): https://youtu.be/QioNkB98FpA And heres a real world video made by
  5. Already did that ^^ Gl for who stays haha
  6. Yes. Haters think they can come here to ask for more nerf but when they'll get in a party to REALLY lvl up they will feel the it. Haha
  7. I only pk the sieges pets that tag for siege day and detag for the next two weeks thinking nothing will happen to them OR anyone who PK me in first place. Anyway, if @Juji is thinking on keeping this nerf is OKAY. In the same way he think they can double the time I qnd 98% of the archers need to kill mobs I can simply pull the money out and stop spend it on other, way more worth games.
  8. Oh im gonna login every night now to PK the hell out of you again. Thx for reminding me ^^
  9. You realize feoh is capped at 33%. Archers had 10%, now 5%. As you're bad at math, stuff like PoM that increase 25% critical chance, its 25% of 10%( total12.5%), not 35%. Now PoM boosts from 5% to 6.25%. How about all my atack skills also give debuffs like all Feoh skills.I also want Mana barrier.
  10. well you cant read right? can you? he said 3 spots >>>AFK<<< Baaaaack updates ago when FoS had dragons spots near each other, not only archers could do that, LIVE, but also Feohs. Any stacked Tyr can do the same. I dont know what server you from but I think your dont pay very much attention around. Again, you are all thinking stacked archers represent how the class is strong. You are mad at archer because of the Multiple Arrow area of effect. Tell me how do you wanted it to me? Hit nothing? Do you know Gicobbe? Tyr Duelist? He solo everywhere. Swamp, Varka/Ketra,
  11. name this absurd boost please. I said and I repeat, you all are mistaking archers with overpowered items with an "overpowered" class. I believe none of you participate in sieges right? Have you ever faced a stacked Tyr, Feoh, Dagger? You never seen an dagger clear the surroundings with Barrage of Nails? Probably not right?
  12. It's incredible the envy of ppl coming here to complain about archer complaning about this nerf. No archer came to complain when all mobs got their m.def reduced by 25% recently. Or how Eviscerators/Maestros got 30% lethal on regular hits. Neither when Tyr's got their latest boost. And btw, over the all these I have created than one character of each class. I've played them all. All are fun to play and all can level fast with good gear. Something you noobs dont understand and take well geared archer as an overpowered class. And there you go you noob:
  13. No. I play archer, the same archer, since 2006. I've seen countless nerfs to archer class over all these years. Never a significant boost. Only the removal of few previous nerfs, once in a while. This base critical chance nerf reduced in 50% the critical chance. That also makes any buff/item/skill enchant 1/2 as effective. Meaning we are taking 2x the time, or more, to kill than before. The game is not easy to start with. XP is crap. And now we have to do it in double the time? No.
  14. NC West selling strategy is to create exclusivity. Instead of selling their virtual items at a fair price, that would lead to hugely increased amount of lower value transactions(and gameplay balance), they want fewer customers(that can) to pay really high at a very fewer amount of transactions. In that way they can keep those rich customers because they want to keep being better the rest of the playerbase. And also wont flood the server with overpowered items. If they do a sale with cheap prices the server may get saturated with items, making the consequent sales sell less becau
  15. I feel your pain. Lets all keep pushing to revert this nerf. This nerf is not present in Korea, only the royalty versions of the game(Russia/Europe), which is not our case. NC West is driven by Korea. @Juji why did you apply this non sense nerf that is not even supposed to be applied here??
  16. Yes my dear archer friend. They cut out our aoe BASE chance from 10% to 5%. A 50% reduction. That means that before you would critical hit 1 mob out of 10 in an AOE. Now, you're most likely to not critical at all! And all the buffs/items/skill enchantents that increase the critical chance are less effective because they boost the base chance that got nerfed.
  17. Yes. They cut the base critical chance of AOE's in half. From 10% to 5%. This means that out a group of 10 mobs you were doing ONE critical in average before, now you're most times wont do any critical at all! You will XP 2x or more slower than before. hahahahahahah... dear Lord. listen to Slycutter and go learn some math. And not only that, all other buffs/items/skill enchantment that boost critical chance are way less effective now with this base chance nerf.
  18. For starters, my terrible English friend, Blazing swamp does not represent what we are talking about. Blazing swamp is, in the worst case, the 1st week of gameplay. At Blazing you will find many alts of old players leveling mentees and new players that have friends that already play for a while with gear way better than exalted crap, plus other things like artifacts, jewels, etc. So your perception of archers making more damage is completely wrong. ANY WELL EQUIPPED CHARACTER CAN LEVEL FAST. And how I know you're talking about Blazing swamp? Because you say archer can take 3 spots AFK(L
  19. Wut? You ppl dont get embarrassed saying stuff without knowing anything?? Archer range got nerfed from 1100 tp 800. So did the jump skills. Got nerfed from 800>600 and 650>450. Every class can stun, even aoe stun like every tyr and storm screamers. Even eviscerators got 600 range stun with low reuse. Archer has a single target stun. Pin point is not even close to be the strongest skill. Tyrs/eviscerators have skills way stronger than archers that also ignore p.def. Have you ever read any skill description??? Archer hide is the worst crap ever, and another skill that a
  20. btw why did we get this nerf that only went to the royalty versions? @Juji thats not even present on korea
  21. top gear? haha.. you have no clue of what top gear is. the ones with top gear are not complaining, little pal what is it with ppl that choose melee classes without aoe that want nobody else to aoe? want nobody to kill from range? melee classes are too strong on single target, need to be nerfed hard re-roll archer/nuker, girl. if you have a dragon bow, several +10 artifacts, +++greater cancer, plus other toys.. yeah, the nerf wasnt that bad. like for a dozen archers around that got this gear. summoners? tell me about this amputation. went from 4 to 2 summons in few mon
  22. another little guy that come asking to nerf the other class he does not play. another one jealous of archers skills. he calls using one skill and then another an "exploit" hahaahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha every single class has a way to jump to/immobilize/pull another character. stop crying and go learn to play
  23. so you pick a class without aoe skills and want other classes to not be able to aoe? hahahaha you're so small
  24. mixa is the forum clown, just ignore him. too bad theres not a block feature in the forums. out of 12 mobs getting hit by AOE im getting 0 to 3 criticals, rare 5. Before I was getting from 3~10. Non critical skill dmg is shitty, kills nothing. And just to remember. At least for me and 98% of the server: AOE critical is not 1 shooting mobs.
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