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  1. +11 power +7 aries, 5% red skill crit dmg art, 6% balance skill cirt dmg art, +6angel ring, tauti ring(oly ring gone), +5 radiant, lv5 shilen sa, lv8 fire sa, lv4 red cat im pratically taking twice the time to kill mobs.
  2. Did I miss something the last months? Was the game waaaaaaay too easy to xp and farm? I'm having to wank my 'F1~12' keys for several seconds now to be able to kill mobs in group. Not to mention that Multiple arrow was already a freaking bugged aoe that only works on flat ground. If the mobs are in a hill little above or little bellow you it only hits the mob on your target. And thats with PoM(25%), +8Cancer (8%), lv8 hunter (13%), +4 artifact (3%) Can anyone explain why nerfs come in a week time frame and Quality of Life updates never arrive??? Came even faster th
  3. QOL updates? Crystals of Dawn? R110?? Archer nerf came in a week, the QOL updates reaching a year already.
  4. Reroll naia. You all love to buy char/gear/adena anyway. Go there have a blast
  5. captain here at some point they introduced awakening version of empowering echo but to learn it you would have to give up wizard spirit a bunch of updates ago they simply removed wizard spirit from the skills deleted from learning empowering echo. there you go.
  6. +7 Elmore here. wouldn't make much difference. +15 or more is where its OP and the ones who have one wouldn't like to lose it. like hyperlite said
  7. There are many QOL updates that Juji is simply blocking for us. Cheaper R110 upgrades since nov/19 in korea Crystal of dawn changes. All new stuff (circlets/bracelets/dragon shirt/artifact books, etc) use cry of dawn in Korea. The drop rate was increased in PI and you can exchange noble/radiant stones for 12/38 crystals. Just those two would make the game way more balanced.
  8. Just some randoms, enjoy ^^ He had salvation, ez +2
  9. Crystal of Dawn update??? R110 update???
  10. Few siege and post siege screen shot of loads of fun
  11. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19809-when/ thats only the tip of the iceberg. but nobody seems to care, i think they like to buy over 30b adena in the black market instead of 8
  12. Crystal of Dawn update??? https://4r4m.com/en/cod-upgrade-patch-en/
  13. Yes. The non-sense of everything relying on fishing is over there. For almost a year now and we got nothing. I think not enought ppl realized the costs so let me show for weapons(and that's both for enhanced -> dark/bloody and dark/bloody -> limited) New cost: Enhanced or PvP/PvE R110 weapon 1 Dark/Bloody Weapon Stone 1 (90m) Energy of Destruction 360 (2b) Giant’s Energy 180 (1b)
  14. hehe whilst pve level nerf is active, lag will continue when server is on load. this issue goes deeper, wayyyyyyyyyy deeper than amount of resources. you can add a shitload of cores/memory. nothing will change. its a mix of server side architecture(software) / enforced business rules(pve lvl nerf)
  15. Just an informative upgrade on this, if anyone cared to actually read and make the math for the update for R110 armor/weapon upgrades: Upgrading from Enhanced -> Bloody/Dark = 8b Same 8b for Bloody/Dark -> Limited upgrade. Also only ONE stone needed from the opposite effect instead of 30. And that's the price if you got 0 mats needed and are buying from NPC. Remembering all mats needed can be bought from NPC shop. No need to fish or pay high prices for Elcyum.
  16. why is this topic being censored? all replies are getting deleted!
  17. this has been allowed since the first versions of nostromo over a decade ago. you can use automation as much as you want as long it is not a software that is hijacking the game packages and breaking their encryption which allows access to way more than the regular client exposes to the players, as intended by developers. on the essence version of the game the attack skills work like you suggested, you can just right click and they are use automatically when available.
  18. You guys rly dont read the whole stuff right? No store item needed for those changes(cry of dawn and r110 upgrade). Take your time to read again. Juji said a while ago they are aiming to push changes globally to make all regions as alike as possible. We are getting updates from korea as fast as never before. Why do they want this? Because from a development poinf of view its a nightmare to maintain different versions of a same software consistent, specially with a small team of developers to take care of it all. Korea, West, Japan, China, Singapore, plus the royalty export versions lik
  19. give what the people want: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19809-when/
  20. @Juji so? Waiting on these confirmations to know if I'll stay or quit.
  21. i quote rodah... circlet stones will be removed from drop in PI and crystal of dawn will have its chance increased.
  22. Updates from Korea coming as fast as never before. So fast it impacted us hard we could not xp properly because of the changes made for the Korean player base that is much higher lvl than us. That why we have the 150 element herb now. Also nerfs coming fast. We got the Eviscerator 30% nerf (July 15, 2020) less than 2 months after it went live on Korea. Even so, the good stuff not coming like: Change in materials for R110 bloody/dark/limited upgrades( November 28, 2019 ): https://4r4m.com/en/r110-items-upgrade-en/ (this on in particular is SO OLD, why we STILL don't have it??
  23. Bonus XP obtained from Over-hit while defeating monsters has been adjusted. So over-hit has been nerfed?
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