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  1. Change PK System!

    NO! We need stop this toxic griefing. I am happy with this. No more clan will do careless PKing in top spots which is in general a good thing.
  2. But in launch pack FAQ we were told that we will get code to receive launch packs once server starts. So this means we won't be able activate them right away? We will need wait at least 30minutes for it?
  3. have you played in NA ever? NA servers had more bots than russians. dont get me wrong, i am happy that they are blocked since they dont want communicate in english.
  4. We have discussion here. Some people saying that if you buying launch pack, you are also getting VIP "status" as well. So if this true "chronicle pack" gives 3lvl VIP too. How it actually works? Does launch pack raise our VIP level too?
  5. Giran or Talking Island

    americans paranoid of russians so giran will have quality over quantity.
  6. Dagger Class

    PW > all.
  7. i love seeing americans being afraid of russians. they see them everythere now. my guess their nightmares consist of russia theme too.
  8. Dagger Class

    all classes should have their all 1.5 patch skills. It is a question if we will have any 2.0 skills right away on launch. Play what ever you enjoy the most. This is not x10 private server where you can re-roll class at any time. Many players will be playing weaker class in beginning and wait for 2.0/2.5 where power shift to their side.
  9. Prophet vs WC

    later on you get VR dance too. dont you?
  10. Prophet vs WC

    Tyrant + BD +???? Prophet or Warcryer? Considering fact that you can cover Vampiric buff with stews, should people go for Prophet instead Warcryer? But WC's buffing will same time. Also with macro+alt tab WC is way better hitter (additional damage will never be a problem)... Is there any other difference between them?
  11. you will drop items while being PK. you will not drop items if you are in normal status when killed my mob.