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  1. @Hime @Juji Is really impossible get any answer?
  2. For me is only a marketing strategy, they want to show those weapons stronger to make sure that players will buy it.
  3. I wonder if is fair play in a server where there are players who made +++items, that make big difference in pvp of server, without it being taken any action against them. It's ridicolous play in a server where GM's don't protect the players. Is really not possible identify the items? I am SURE that a lot of these items are still on the server. We are speaking about Shilen Crystals lv10, Dragon jewels lv ++++++ and Cloaks lv 20. As a player who pay for this game I expect justice. @Juji @Hime
  4. The point is not who cry for what, the point is to understand that a BOX PG will become next legendary, only because his clan feed him. So for u is ok that a pg box can become legendary without fighting 1 match?
  5. Is really funny that the next Legendary will be a naked yul, who jump in olympiad with all his clan mates and get feed. It awfull to see this, this olympiad system is a joke. Is a taunt for all real player in this game.
  6. @FireWire If I made this crystal lv10 with exploit restoration and then I sold it to for 1 kb adena, for example. is fair that I, who have committed the crime, keep the money and who has been cheated be left with a lower level crystal? With this easy example you can understand why is not fair your solution.
  7. @eXEQ7er I think it's not possible, if I made the crystal illegitimately and then I sold it, would be right to remove the crystal from the unawar person who bought it? Once again we are faced with an ethical problem to wich there is no "right" solution. Surely the inability of the GMs to foresee the situation is the first responsible for the situation. I think the message that must be given must be strong and severely punish those who dared to take advantage of the crystals. I wonder when and how it will be punish these people. They were able to craft lv 10 Shilen without ever the possibility of failing, making fun of the other players and of the NC that provides the restoration system. Is not possible play in a server where people take advantage like this, is not right. I think is right that the servant arises against this problem. @Juji GMs can't hide the problem, the punishment must be exemplary and quick.
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