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  1. 1320 ncoin spent a month will maintain vip4
  2. don't do that, many ppl already have invested a lot of hours and real money playing on TI ( close with my time) and now this? No way!
  3. pm in the game for more info, I am lvl 25 or mail me my discord : Bumbo#7388
  4. if u do change, send me please
  5. old school? Did u rly saw any movie made by Koreans, Russians or Europeans on skelth? The old lineage its dead, this new chronic is called classic bcoz REMEMBER the old one.
  6. OLD MECHANICS? How playing in classic (the new chronicle) it's missing the old mechanics? if u guys want to play like c1 etc u shouldn't come back to play classic The classic chronicle is just a name to REMEMBER the old chronicles, but with new things and improved things and if u still think more than 51% want the old pk system back, just make a petition, i will be one to vote to go back the old system
  7. quitting before opening ?sO EASY !
  8. do u want to play? Or the main problem about u wanting the refund is about pk system? Get real
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