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  1. Thank you guys for the help
  2. Hi Slycutter, Thank you for reply! 1. Yes, you are right I have not completed all exalted quest, I am missing 110 only. 2. I am killing mobs in Ivory crater and I see them white but what I meant is that Imperial tomb zone is impossible. 3. Of course I am using skills, my current macro is: Fluid Weave Lateral Hit (Enchanted +4 Power) Left Sidestep (Enchanted +2 chance) Back step Backspin impact Spinning kick Right Sidestep Flying knee Kick Chin Strike Stamp Punch 5. AP? Sorry I am not sure what is AP
  3. Hi, I am an evi 108 full exalted with some RB jewels: + Enhanced Octavis Earring +3 + Atlas +12 Earring + Enhanced Istina's Ring +3 + Enhanced Octavis Ring +3 Have advanced lv 5 Water Tanga The rest is just exalted and I completed all exalted quests until 110... I go and do Imperial Tomb and my normal damage is 55... 88... And Critical hits of 1.2k... I belong to a lvl 12 clan and still shitty damage... How is it possible that we can freely play having that nasty damage... I see only one difference between a private pvp server and this server, the private
  4. Hi All, Is it possible to complete dailies with only exalted players?
  5. Hi All, just curious to know what is the highest you can go with free gear?
  6. Hi, I would like to know what is the difference between having a fragment dragon weapon vs a dragon weapon? Can we use fragment dragon weapon and it will have some features as having the entire weapon? Best regards, EviAgnieska
  7. I totally agree with you, however, whenever I saw an spot being used for someone I just look for another one. But I see unfair like in Aden/Silent Valley a guy playing for the same spot for several weeks now!
  8. Hi, I would like to request this game to be available for PS4 and XBOX, I know it is hard since there are many commands that maybe controllers do not have the ability to follow. But, it may be worthy to try as Final Fantasy XIV already have a version for PS4 and XBOX.
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