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  1. You guys are as split as me Right now I have a Staff of Life + Full Plate Shield. So the question now is if I should switch to a Sage Staff with 111 m.atk or try to get something like a homunculus at 101 m.atk and keep the shield. A sage staff can be acquired through the Lux shop for around 6.3M Adena and I am pretty sure that a homunculus or equivalent 1H weapon would be more like 10 M adena because of their rarity. Decisions, decisions
  2. Hi, I am playing an Elven Elder and I always used to play that with 1H weapon plus a shield before sigils are introduced in the game. But now I have come in doubt if it is better to go with a staff instead for the extra m.atk. I am not sure how much of a defence advantage I get with a shield. Maybe in PVP against archers. But the increased m.atk does give a bit more heal. Any advice?
  3. @Juji It is not acceptable that you end the free teleport event before you have fixed your game. No one level 40+ can hunt with a possitive adena balance. All my friends make new characters and level them to 25-30 to make adena instead of playing the game on their mains. Many mobs in the level 20-30 range drop 2 times as much adena as level 40+ mobs. I am happy about many aspects of the games but this will soon lead to people quitting the game, which I do not want to see happen.
  4. That really sucks @nozza Care to share some details on the scam, so that others might learn from it and avoid it? A friend of mine got scammed once as well. People built up his trust by playing with him over some days and trusted him by letting him hold some lower weapons from them. Then when he gave them a valuable weapon to return the favour they ran off to town shouting "WTS..."
  5. Thanks for the hard work @Devoid It doesn't matter that NCSoft said that the wiki cannot be used for our version of Classic. It still gives a good foundation for discussion. NCSoft West don't want an inflated economy which in essence is good. But maybe their caution is a bit overtuned though. Let's see what the next patch brings us to see how far towards the classic wiki we will come. I wouldn't expect it to go all the way.
  6. And all of the sudden I am through the queue. Weird.
  7. Today for Giran at 10:30 AM there are 650 people in the VIP queue. Did something happen over night? It didn't use to be that bad...
  8. It is really important that this does not change. One of the great things about Lineage2 is that not everyone has everything. If you work hard for something a either farm those SB spots or pool enough adena to buy them then you get something special. If that changes and everyone has all skills and all the same gear then it's not L2 classic. There is a reason that there are Skill Points in the game as well. So you have to prioritize. I have to prioritize getting a new weapon, armor or new skill. That is how it should be! A necromancer is arguably the best PVP mage in the game. Their downsi
  9. Look at post number 3 here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/3084-are-mouse-drivers-allowed-in-game/
  10. The real lowest SS-D price is around 7.20 adena. To make 156 soulshots D grade you need: 3 x soulstone. Cheapest is to buy in Giran at 275 adena. 1 x D crystals. The price depends on supply and demand and seeing that the vendor prices for selling them is 292 adena then it could go as low as 300 adena. Even if there are sell shops for 500 adena doesn't mean they sell. (275x3+300)/156 = 7.21 adena (The market is not there yet but this is as low as it could go) Selling at 7 adena would give you a D crystal price of 267 adena (Which is lower than the vendor price at 292)
  11. I took a leap of faith and logged out after playing to day. Didn't need to set a shop and the 10 day fishing rod had run out. Hopefully this will happen more now that the free fishing rod is over.
  12. Then you will have an even bigger problem. Let's say you have 2k shops right now. If everyone and their mother could make a 0 VIP account and log a store you will have 10k stores in no time. Even if they are "offline" it's still something for the servers to handle. The same for AFK fishers. Then you will say: "Make it so that only VIP3 and 4 can make stores and afk fishing". Then people will say: "P2W BS game". Every decision for this game has pros and cons. What you are seeing right now is the NCSoft West making their job of doing that and trying to attack their issues with the
  13. It's a very bad fix. People getting disconnected during their hunting groups. Groups disbanding, people getting forced logged out in bad positions getting killed by mobs when they relog. That would just be a horrible experience in any MMO world.
  14. I will let you know when my 10 days fishing rod is out and I will vote for your suggestion.
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