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  1. SpOiL rate is...

    Completely agree. I would like to see VIP 3+ get 1x spoil rates, and maybe 1.5x to 2x for VIP 4 players.
  2. Teleport prices.

    This would actually be pretty nice to have.
  3. Account Restored

    Ah man, I emailed NC support a couple days ago and still haven't heard back Glad to hear your issue got resolved though!
  4. Unwarranted Account Suspension

    Also got caught up in this w/ a separate account of mine. Sucks to lose quite a bit of progress as I was already approaching mid 30s, but hoping that this issue can be resolved quickly!
  5. Reported!

    +1 here, did not get any sort of captcha window or notification. Not that big of a deal as the debuff only lasts an hour though. Hope NC finds a solution soon!
  6. Thank You

    Ditto. Just want to jump here and say thank you to NC for fixing up the rates!
  7. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    Check out the big brain on Brett.
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    Did you not get the memo? We’re supposed to be angry and SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS.
  9. NC Coin issue

  10. Please increase spawn rates of mobs in the beginner areas. For any Dark Elf trying to progress through the game it's almost impossible to kill a "Dark Horror" right now, in an area where only 10-15 of the mobs spawn there's well over 40 people all killing the same monster. For future patches please consider removing the "last-hit" requirement to get a quest item in newbie zones.
  11. I will order an ungodly amount of chinese food and play Downton Abbey seasons 1 through 6 in the background.
  12. No Loop Macros = WAY MORE Botting

    Never understood the "everybody will use looping macros, so if you leave them in game I'M GONNA USE THEM TOO" attitude. Like, ok? You're saying get rid of looping macros because people use them, or else you're going to use it as well?
  13. Old NA servers

    Hindemith was the Hufflepuff of L2 servers
  14. .

    Ah man I remember being a part of RescueRangers while on Erica. Was in a clan w/ a guy named MasterRonin I think?
  15. Fearless

    Old member from PwN/MDK here — invite to the discord server has expired