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  1. @HimeThanks for the replies. Would be good to have an official post with the decision once the dev team and everyone else finishes deciding what to do (or analyzing) thiscurrent xp/adena drop rate issue.
  2. The point of everything its that we are not claiming something crazy, nor to make it easier. JUST MAKE IT NORMAL, its so frustating and dissapointing to reach level 20 and not being able to buy no-grade shots, SHOTS. IF we didnt even had those level checkpoints I'd be with the level 1 equipment at level 25 and without soulshots. Theres no point to keep leveling up, unless you buy shots with cash and its again, dissapointing to think that ALL they want its us to spend real money with garbage shots.
  3. It is what it is, and it's true. Everytime you come to the forums to see if there's a release of the first patch notes you see these flood of childish posts requesting nonsense stuff, like if mods would care. If you ever played an NCSoft game, you know how things are.
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