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  1. I have a question about what jewelry an archer can wear? I realized that the Baium Soul / Ring of Creation jewelry does not give Archer status. I looked at the status of the Queen Ant Soul Ring: "P./M. Critical Damage + 15%" this status is good for archers, but I looked at passives, Queen Ant didn’t give what was shown in his description. @Juju help in this matter or fix this problem? https://prnt.sc/s3cwwi
  2. 107-108 Power lvl in Coal Mines

    tevas was Lv105 with 99.9999% still CAN enter Cool Mine. this is totally legit. him just used pass for stay more time.
  3. Not sure its bug or not

    can u managed to solve your problem? I have it too.
  4. problem for open game.

    Today when I went to open the game, I found that the game is not opening on my Desktop. The game starts, even before the image appears to accept the terms of the game, it closes by itself. I already reinstalled Win 10, and still have the error. ps: yesterday I used the normal game, open as many accounts as possible and was more than 5 hours online.
  5. now can i change main classs?