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  1. https://i.imgur.com/mtTdWsW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mtTdWsW.jpg In text basic that if u translate: as it is with randons I always get a few drops... i make like 10kk per week. So if u want drops... dont lose u time, the best drops he keep and dont redrop, weapons or good stuff will never go to u.
  2. Just hope they turn off GK in siege time. "Classic" after the Lineage 2 means old experience. So need really strategys not that idiot: -"port all giran" -"port all aden now" etc.. Siege need ppl with really good commanders etc. So plis search SIEGE meaning.
  3. Yeah, first from classic was Giran. Just drop here for ppl from Talking(or others) enjoy.
  4. Yo guys. 2 Simple videos from our alliance making the first AQ and drop the first ring in TI. First Ring by Horyon First AQ and First Ring Hope u guys enjoy.
  5. Robotic replays. Like u say... just port to main cities and boom... 3 spammers from RMT
  6. No GMs in-game for ban bots... u thinks they will make a wiki? Already pass the great times from old L2 NA site. Complete and really useful. Just waiting the Zaken server effect come again. -Bots make ppl left. We already have a lot. -Version extreme nerfed for sell thinks with cash. Shots on start from a classic? Yes we have. -Many issues with the company aka unfair bans. Yes we have that new xigncode ban for no reason and 1/4 ppl got accs blocked. And the list keep going.
  7. Hi NC staff.., I drop here some videos of this guy making duo Elf Summoner everywhere on bot. On video he become alive after i PK hes bot one time. But in twitch stream at 3:45:00 u can see i kill hes bot and nothing happen, to village, ress, any word. Plis save the spots from this guys. Dont start again the BotAge NCWest was knowledge. [Content moderated] C'mom... not BotAge plis!!!!
  8. I'm have no issues, but i already see ppl start quit because that queue. So, whats is best? 1 - Use that good amount of money NC takes for put more ppl online. 10k <---- good number. 2 - Another new server http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5bc2ab61e4b00ce2d916aed1 Just curious. Dont rage or something like. But u opinion are welcome.
  9. Right... i have same opinion as u... bots =(
  10. Only post this image with names and a video for u guys judge what happen in that video? A really, really focused guy. Because buff at that moment the buff end he need be a GOD. https://youtu.be/A7Tjf8dSfX8 Img for thake the names in better quality. What @Juji think about this video?
  11. Have u already play Classic before? probably not. since 1.0 until 2.0 the content are the old. Just in Baium they put that generic quests for new ppl grow fast and rush lvl a bit more fast. That quests are not for one launch, they are develop for really long time after, just for help new players. For the launch give us that quests, will kill any spots 1-20, because u will just need to follow a quest row and take 20, like everyone, walking the same patch. I'm sad for see that decision. And again, have u already play classic before?
  12. Really? That quests, for the CLASSIC launch? Impossible to give us more generic quests to kill the nostalgia until 20? Maybe next Patch to Awakening........... Sad..........
  13. I miss some info, so with u guys help we can post all info here in this thread. Ty
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