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  1. WTS AGATHIONS: +5 LIBRA Agathion Charm - 600m +5 VIRGO Agathion Charm - 650m +6 ARIES Agathion Charm - 1.1b **CHEAPEST IN TOWN! IF YOU CAN FIND CHEAPER, LET ME KNOW - I WILL GIVE U CHEAPEST!!
  2. HI guys, As per the elcyum powder/crystal exchanges, it is said that I would need to talk to merchant of mammon but I dont know where he is located can someone help me in locating him?
  3. wtb strider for 500m adena
  4. HI all, It has been hard for me to start up my NC Launcher for the past few days. Whenever I open it, it just appears "NC launcher 2" with the loading circle, and it stays that way forever. On the few occasions I was able to get in, I'd been lagging/delay VERY badly or/and disconnecting. Is there a server problem or something? Thanks in advance
  5. I learnt that I've been doing it all wrong lmao. As a newbie, I wasn't exposed to the party rooms. So for the longest time, I actually used 1 healer and 1 tyrr to kill mobs. Needless to say, it took me FOREVER to level up. I had to learn from a kind soul who was kind and patient enough to teach me how to join parties and level up faster T.T
  6. Are pets like Fenrirs and Striders useful now? I know for a fact that they used to be, like 10 years back. But now they seem to be useless(evidently, because no one really summons them anymore). However, the fact that there are clan skills like "Strider Siege Assault" makes me question whether they are, in fact, useful. If I were to purchase and max out their gears, would they be able to help me in battles?
  7. Ouhh, I see. Thanks so much for the info ^^
  8. Ouhh, alrightt. Thanks alot for the advise guys ^^
  9. I have been very fond of using healers, but dont really see a lot of them around. Why is not many people using them? Do they not have the demand in clans? I have a level 100 healer but im afraid to commit to level it up, in fear that it would be useless.
  10. So, I have a char that's level 103. I have been following all the quest blindly, JUST killing mobs. The only problem with it is that it takes sooo long. I'm wondering if there is actually any quest that can make me level up faster, give me a good amount of adena, or even good items.
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