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  1. That's the general consensus from my clan as well, none of us will be spending any more money on stuff until they fix things.
  2. What a monumentally bad decision on your part. Do you guys not like money or something?
  3. Which is the problem, by limiting the market like they have because its "free to play" they've created the perfect scarcity market for rmt people. Those that are willing to shell out to the sellers will eventually gain a massive lead in both gear and currency leaving those that aren't willing to break tos in the dust through rates alone.
  4. Pretty sure loads of people are buying adena, i've definitely seen the sentiment that you get more value from a seller than you do from the nc store/vip going around. While personally I wouldn't I can see why so many people are likely taking that route, its easy mode, especially when the server feels like a hacked up illegal server.
  5. From a market/economy standpoint it's a bad move to leave things as is, people are selling single spellbooks for easily 5-8m or more, armor pieces for almost double that, and they sell instantly. The thing is a majority of people who can afford those prices have likely bought adena from sellers or gotten extremely lucky with a drop, overall it's a sign that things, as they are, aren't working or we haven't yet found that sweet spot yet. Optimally they would keep tinkering with it until they find a decent balance between gain and time spent. Currently we have a huge gap between the rates, if th
  6. I know right, I feel like you could put a gm or two in the game around the evening/mid point for an hour of some NA times and go through a bunch of the 1x areas just banning in waves. Like 80% of hardins academy, death pass, iron mines, plateau etc are botting small parties non-stop. It's batant as well. Then just wait another two weeks and do it again.
  7. The npc's in sieges are all in top B grade gear, no one will be able to do sieges for awhile.
  8. Personally, I blame the kr developers for most of the issues, they are trying to push out KR/asian game styled events and game ideology in a western market with a weird chopped up client and heavily modified database. So few asian games have actually been successful over here since their game culture is completely different and the standards for their games don't really mirror our own. So much of the client is either unadjusted or had some minor global tweaks done/removed which has left much of the game in a broken/unrefined state where rates don't make logical sense when paired with upke
  9. AW is one of the harder classes to level as their primary utility is pvp focused. If you are new and looking for a first character either go with an archer if you intend to solo or archer party or a nuker. Source 49 AW.
  10. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. This game wasn't meant to be played purely solo, or like a bot. No ones going to sympathize with the dude who's playing l2 like his or her own personal bot train simply because no one plays like that, you are the minority.
  11. Personally, I don't think being killed repeatedly on purpose means its working, it's just a sign that values need to be tweaked. A working system would mean that you still exp with the chance of working off karma at a reasonable rate with the added danger of being killed while doing so. As it stands now if you go red you've lost the exp spot, so instead it creates a situation where people resort to petty bs like ksing or other passive aggressive stuff. Which is in no way "pvp" or all that fun.
  12. Didn't think about it like that, but it makes sense. Personally i'd like to see it be slightly easier to work off karma, just to make going red fairly viable, the prior changes were okay but it still needs some work.
  13. Sp scrolls might be too abusable. The reason for the lack of sp is the super exp dailies, the moment people stop using those like candy and save sp they will quickly find they have enough sp saved for new level skills. The more time people spend grinding the better off their sp gains will be.
  14. You aren't supposed to max out all your skills, it's supposed to be a choice. As for the lack of SP, blame the weird dailies, save them up for times when you just can't grind that extra few percentages and start banking your sp for levels where you get your major power increases. I have almost 2mil sp saved up for lvl 50-51 while I am only lvl 45, By the time I get there i'll be able to buy my new skills and catch up on the old ones. There is an element to strategy to sp useage.
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