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  1. the thing is... where is the .txt file that explains the third party programs? even an addon from TeamSpeak is considered as a third party program, so is rly hard to know really how to not get banned... but the real bots? all oookey jaja funny politics from NCSoft.
  2. thats the point, its a really entire market here you guys are missing. Most of L2 players came back for nostalgic feelings, they are not kids, they have money, but they dont have TIME to play in a CP 6 hours a day... they may pay shots some times, maybe a rune to make the 2 or 3 hours they play more efficient... but in this case, they have to spend the money they could have spended on NCoins, in the russian shop for adena, its better use 14 USD on 1kk to have vip for an instances. I cant get how NCSoft doesnt get they are making money to russians more than for themselves PD:
  3. Want to Sell: - Briga heavy keys (anyone knows the set price) - Karmian boots keys (3k each) - Proof of Blood (8k each) Whisp ingame or mail "Krissam Thanks!
  4. and no staff member here jajajaja sooo sad
  5. They say in the stream and in the early patch notes, that que max lvl would be 70. They say "this is a custom 1.5", and they posted the "custom" things, like cap of lvl. Is sad to see that the "crying comunity" isnt rly a cry baby... but the staff... sux Almost the same experience that illegal servers, and the same experiencia most of us who are paying, didnt want to feel anymore...
  6. maybe, but then dont tell ppl that the game is free to play, and tell them that the game is "free to play, but if a vip want to play and you are waiting in queue, u would be kicked" I'm VIP, i have no problem login in, but the server says f2p
  7. Not true, im vip, and i have 2 accounts without vip, and the system is "if some vip wants to log in, and you are putting the pin, the game kicks you to give the vip your position in queue", so vips are kicking normal players when they log in, not on porpouse, but thats how the system works. PD: sorry my awful English
  8. Im saving too for the pole, just farming with a mage the quest of 3200 adena, almost 55k, its damn slow to get a pole
  9. Look for quests thats give you adena, thats all. Cya
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