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  1. @Juji why not reintroduce the event with some limits? For example only for VIP players or only 60+ players. The problem is that too many people are bringing lvl 1 boxes with macro just to farm the event and lagging the server.
  2. 15kk adena for up to 24 Billion XP is a very fair price And also chance for +15 A grade weapon/+10 A grade sets.
  3. Change Fork price in NPC to 15 million adena and/or add Fork to L2store for 400ncoin. That way people will only buy on their main chars and you will not see 2000 lvl 1 boxes on macro lagging/crashing the server.
  4. Simple solution for event: delete all forks and changed NPC price for forks to 15 million adena. Only main chars will buy this to gain xp and have chance at rewards, it will not be worth buying on 100 lvl 1 chars like ppl are doing now.
  5. Bots/Scripters who won the event yesterday and today will have their rewards removed?
  6. @Juji any chance for +12 dyes next update?
  7. When server launched Juji said +12 dyes would not be available for "balance reasons". However every other server (EU/RU/JP/KR/etc) still have +12 dyes available and we haven't seen any improvement in class balance due to this change. Still the same classes are OP as any other classic server: Necros, Elemental summoner, Phantom ranger, so why cant we have +12 dyes like the other classic servers?
  8. Well better this store update than Pendants Mission update is good too. Any plans on adding Clan Arena soon?
  9. Too many bots trying to login @Hime any compensation for people who lost time of runes/vip?
  10. Level 64 now, still looking.
  11. Level 59 Sps full C grade +dyes with vip4 and runes LF active CP (8h+ day). Prefer around gmt -3 timezone and English/Portuguese language. PM me on forum if you are interested.
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