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  1. Just make it simple.

    I am waiting for all NA and EU people to go sleep, then NCsoft will turn on the servers and us Kiwis and those bloody Aussies will dominate your servers before you wake up!
  2. @FatHips look what I found in my old files (next to lot of other entertaining screenshots)
  3. Depends on your goals as well, when I started as PP all I did was duo with a TH to start with, it was challenging but fun and we got there. Then I did quite a few groups where I was the buffer and the healer and we had no VR and it was fun, it was challenging but we did alright. Only quite a bit later I discovered the perks of having someone with VR. And when I decided to become the best, I did get a VR account with a cardi as well and massive powerlvling started! What I wanted to say, anything is viable if you are there for the journey! (or maybe not anymore since times changed :D).
  4. Prophet vs WC

    but it was always fun to beat wannabe-pro-players with cute underdog!
  5. Main Support Rare?

    Main PP > All
  6. I guess so, but timezone for MMOs sucks big time Thanks though
  7. make it +12 so I can play from the middle of nowhere I call home now .... good old eu zones
  8. Fondest L2 Memory

    L2Blah, that was half of the fun L2 offered, so much drama, so much politics, so much trolling!
  9. Drop on Death

    Yea kind of felt like all I do is log in, do couple instances off CD and log out. I do struggle with Classic class choice though, I feel like I have to have a prophet, but it probably will be even less useful than in the old times especially a casual one!
  10. Old NA servers

    Oh no! Good to see some old names though, went through old forums to remind myself of the old times, and it brought back a lot of memories!
  11. Drop on Death

    I do have couple chars here (Tishi - 99, Pishi - 100), but unfortunately (or fortunately?) real life happened. Will see if I can casual classic just for nostalgia. What about you?
  12. Limit Box

    You know you have to lvl to boxes to certain lvl as well don't you? OOP doesn't give too much xp.