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  1. The update is fine if we all had better gear. It's impossible to get better gear because your nccoin prices are so stupidly high. Not only are you costing yourself revenue by cutting people out of the market for nccoin, but players can't progress because of it. Our prices should be on par with EU, since the majority of players are poorer from south america. Sure there are rich ones here, there are in EU as well, but these prices are just insane especially with all the boosts people will need with this update.
  2. The update is for people higher levels, as many have said. This wouldn't be so bad, if prices to improve your toon weren't so high. The prices here are absolutely crazy compared to EU. Prices for events should be cut in half. That might help people get the gear they need to actually hunt mobs after this patch.
  3. I'm making a nuker. Played since 2004, but have been away 3 years. Looking for an active clan, that has people that pay. I will be putting quite a bit into this toon. Mail me in game.
  4. Can you post information about the magic staff promotion? I saw what they had on EU servers, but I'm curious about the cost and rewards here. Also, can you mention what the changes in the L2 store will be?
  5. thanks. those prices are dumb. Can't believe anyone actually bought them.
  6. I've read this post, but can someone give me run down of what these stones do? Are they doing this, because you used to be able to get a 1 time restoration of an item if you blew it up OEing it?
  7. Returning player here. Are you still able to change your race in this game?
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