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  1. Now you think, 450m day 10 day 4.5b 100 day 45b for take 1 new iten. Now imagine new people entering, and don't do this, they hit a wall. as new players will equip themselves so they can be excited to go to the game store, today on the black market you buy everything for half the price sites where adena sells at 4.5Dolar = 1b It is easier for them to remove all areas of agriculture that end the boot
  2. Hello, Thank you for asking. As an active player and clan leader on chronos server, I want to point some topics here: 1 - Farm zones are full at current server levels, we have no xp bonus per group and no adena farm. 2 - All areas of adena drop from Land of Chaos to Plunderous Plains have been removed. With this changes, 12 active players from my clan will stop playing. 3 - If there is no adena for farm, there are no prestige package advantages. 4 - Timed hunt zones were cut in half, although now you do the triple adena drop, but it is always full. There should be more areas like S
  3. @Juji @Hime Have nerf In plundersplain again? https://l2wiki.com/Valanga_Orc_Warrior
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