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  1. year ? summer ? , server will be dead before Christmas
  2. Since when a lvl 52+ mob gives less adena than a 30 one ? YOU FAILED HARD . CYA
  3. Welcome to the world of OFFICIAL Lineage 2 where people from Cruma are porting to Dungeon in Aden , from the town of Gludio again to Dungeon , dying with no mobs hitting them. If this is official i'm the god and curse you all! NCSoft give and end
  4. When things like BSSC/SSC TOP C Armors/Weaps and Jewelery will be added on shop ? and Adena packs ? i want to buy ! thanks p.s NCSoft .......... no words
  5. Not their fault if you want to use your daily exp scrolls [10M exp w/o SP]. I am an elven elder at 42 almost 43 and have learned the skills i want as EE , i can't have them all so i have to choose how i will play to continue. I have all my 40's 42 skills and have enough SP yet and farming manual w/o exp scrolls and will be able to get 44's too. Plus i don't care for few -4 , what i suggest delevel your char and farm SP there is no point to reach 50-55 and have skills of 44 . You can do nothing like this
  6. Anyone else ?\ ++ NonStop Disconnects
  7. UP https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/5962-for-all-these-braindead-vips-on-the-forum/ Btw forum team if you want to get rid of me you have to ban my forum account *Since you dont keep busy the people here , i'l do it
  8. When you see a non-VIP (whining) like you say on the forum for the queue , your instant reply is pay 5$ and play and im telling you what if all VIPs do it ? oh yeah queue again cause it affects vip too so donating to avoid queue is not a solution it needs a REAL solution and goes on in higher vip levels.
  9. Then delete your thread. You have absolutely no idea
  10. Cause now non-VIP causing these problems. Just to know non-VIP players CANT EVEN LOG THEIR MAIN ACCOUNT. Vips 1-2-3-4 have priority always it doesnt matter if a non-vip is in the sequence 100 if there are 200vip4 going to log guess what , they will log first. I dont know in what planet ur living but sure not in Earth.
  11. When they make a campaign on Free to Play (u can see it to the video above) i want what they promised. There are plenty servers to play but they are shit. When i see a good promo good server and F2P , and wasting my time like you say. I want it. I want to be able to play. Yes i can spend money but why ? It's free to play not pay to play aight ? this is just a joke.
  12. Oh i see , so you think you are someone special here because you gave them some lovely money? Since im a free player i will stay behind in gear and level while you will hit 50 , so if this problem fix please come and bully me in partisans. #FeelsProMan
  13. It says somewhere , FREE TO PLAY , but i cant see it .
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