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  1. LOL All we need is 9 characters with no boosts and levels ranging from 101 to 110, kill one mob, get the given exp results, the percentage gained and use Windows Calculator. I can to calculate data from: 101, 103, 105 and 106.
  2. Do not makes sense announce some improvement to bring players back just to login and just check it is not real.
  3. Leveling is based on accumulate some XP quantity. The % bar shows your progress in some interval, if this interval was reduced the progress by mob (in %) should be bigger than the previous. They mentioned that progress requirement from 101 to 110 was decreased. If this benefit was not distributed among all level Intervals not all 101-110 players were benefited, so why to announce this level range? People told me that 106-107 still the same kinda downer.
  4. Logged in... Lv 106, same party, same map, same VP conditions Exp % per mob before announced new table: 0.0002 Exp % per mob after announced new table: 0.0002 Logged out... I really would like to know if the changes were applied, I see no change. @Juji please?
  5. I did this account on my last login. Is the new 101-110 exp table applied?
  6. Hello. I hope someone can enlight me a bit or a lot... I left the game a bit after the artifact book introduction and hellbound changes (GoD I think) and came back ~three months ago. The game have changed a lot and by each decision NC did my situation got worst, I hope you can suggest me some workarounds with these challenges... I am realy trying to adapt, so any tips are welcome. 1: Changes on craft My box dwarf lost a lot from the older recipes, the "compensation" NC did (around 40KK) is around 1/4 I paid from just the Adamantite Upgrade recipe I bought at that time (200kk~). A
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