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  1. This server is a complete joke, more and more difficult for players, horrible xp, nerfs, adena trash, that's why players are leaving and going to European...
  2. Hi! easy, no adenas, no purchase, many players have no way to buy at the L2 store, so they buy the items for adenas from those who buy at the L2 store to resell. The game itself, already difficult, having nerfed even more what was already little, only made people even more discouraged, (some friends stopped playing this afternoon) the low lvl areas are full because it is the only way to personal 110- do something, mobs are more difficult to kill, IT almost has no more ppls, empty sos, among others. The game now is more than hard... For pvp we will need to farm first, but like this, no way
  3. All we can see now are players standing in aden, rune and giran, the number of pt's has dropped considerably, the server is empty, and some friends just quit...
  4. This update, really? just stop donating! All i can see is p2w events. The help for the players is minimal, and always nerfing the little things that we can do, stop donating !!!
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