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  1. NEED Abundance / SHIRT event

    Don't call them 'events' - those are store promos and not events.

    I feel like my whole L2 experience is a lie when I started on Teon and happened to join a clan who carelessly made enemies I was PKed everywhere I went and prevented from entering Ant Nest to complete my quests etc. If only I had known I could have simply reported all those people! ...From now on I'll be reporting anyone who dares to flag on me, because this causes me distress and prevents me from playing and enjoying the game.
  3. dimensional rift lv 100

    The same happened to me, at the very beginning I did with my main and iss and got a weapon for each, but recently when red libra started I managed to complete it with another character and got an EWR lol

    I'd like a response as well, when has this changed? For example in 2017 PKing someone 627342 times a day and not letting that person go into certain areas was perfectly fine and even documented on forums. I don't recall anyone being banned/suspended for that, unless I missed something. http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=293016 How many PKs is too many in terms of being considered harassment? Please specify.
  5. Guillotine Fortress bot paradise

    Yeah, been there some time ago, definitely afk-macro users are not as quick, efficient and reactive... wasn't able to do much, I couldn't kill as fast as those bots. [the previous post about bots at GoG and GF was deleted pretty quick]
  6. ...wow.. and you don't find it at least a bit absurd that only 'smart old players' who are very few can make adena in an online game intended for a few thousand people per server? The game needs regular players and newcomers to survive. New players need to know how to progress or else they quit. Some people are smarter than others and they will always get more - that's perfectly fine, but when most of the game population is struggling with obtaining basic equipment (modify weapon scrolls FTW!) then it means the design went very wrong.
  7. Share the patch notes, please.
  8. Question, Newbi, but old player

    Also, once you receive your 30-day R-grade set after awakening, do not delete your S-grade Dynasty set/weapon. When the R-grade expires you might find it difficult to get gear. (you can get free low R-grade Immortal set from your mentee certificates, but I personally find the S-grade Dynasty better because of the bonus stats)
  9. If I had known the runes would be in game for so long I would have kept them for the weekend xp-boost. Instead, i wasted them for nonsense only so that I get at least something before they are deleted.
  10. BAN for using CTRL button?

    I agree, Neutron, please specify. I have never reported anyone for harassment, because I thought pvp was part of the game, but since it clearly is not (anymore), I'd like a clarification so I know when exactly I can report offenders. Also, if there is someone with a macro-party occupying a spot, can I get rid of them by getting them killed or dragged away or is engaging also a harassment? Is there any limit to the attempts I can have?
  11. Why can not I communicate with anyone?

    You can check this thread started by a person with the same problem.
  12. Macros and PK

    Intention is relevant after you have committed a crime, but you do not know the reason why people are doing certain things before they happen. You may only suspect. If you suspect that someone may want to commit a crime, for example a terrorist attack, you can call the police so that they investigate. But you can't lock people up simply because they rented a white van. Also, I am amazed how difficult it is for people to understand that if you leave your character afk on a macro, you do it at your own risk. It's been said multiple times that macros have not been created for the purpose of afk grinding. If you are watching your character no one will scam you off your items by making you go red multiple times.
  13. Macros and PK

    You can't ban people for the supposed intentions. What's next? Orwell's thought crime and thought police? Players themselves are bringing the l2 apocalypse...
  14. BAN for using CTRL button?

    Btw guys, do you remember Munchie and his topic about being harassed? He was PKed everywhere he went and was not allowed to enter GC etc http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=293016 How come it was not an offence back then and now you can't even hit the ctrl key? L2 is in its decline... I'd really like a response from the staff!
  15. BAN for using CTRL button?

    gz ncsoft, double-standards ftw!