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  1. Sooo... what's the reason for this emergency downtime, please?
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Haha, yes, what a great idea, let's discourage from playing all those people who have not been around for years and let those few old players enjoy an empty server
  3. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Impossible to complete with average gear, I guess I have to forget about this event.
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    The event sounds good, I will try it out, thanks. Thumbs up for no dependency on L2Store
  5. VIP4 Drop rate when in party?

    From my experience on Live, that's the case. During the event where we got drop runes myself as a healer and my ISS had drop runes, but the only DD tyrr did not and there was no visible difference in the drops. However, later he claimed his rune and when my runes expired he still had his and with this one rune we were getting more drops than usual or with 2 runes on a healer and an iss.
  6. Is the queue "real"? Check this out

    Indeed, people should be able to transfer for free to the new servers for a certain period of time.
  7. Is the queue "real"? Check this out

    Raising the cap on servers might be another disaster, because all zones will be so crowded that people will have to fight over each and every mob and will cry on forums they cannot complete any quest. Adding 2 new servers with the same time zone as Giran and Talking Island might be a good idea. They can always be merged later on if the population starts to decrease.
  8. Chronos/Naia Merge

    I don't agree. Merging Freya+Naia did not help much, so merging Naia with Chronos with have the same outcome. What we need is a different strategy from NC Soft to keep the game alive. Besides, if you remain with one server that would mean no Dim Raid/Siege, they would also have to revise the exalted questline.
  9. If this is true ..

    I just wanted to say 'HAHAHA' (or jajaja how some people write it) and I think the best response to your topic is the post of yours from a few days ago towards me... :>
  10. Yidao is correct, for me switching windows also does not stop the macro. I attack and cast marks with my main then switch to my iss and run the assist macro. When I switch back to my dd it still attacks and debuffs and the iss keeps assisting till the macro runs through all the 12 lines. Tough it is soo painful, I want the loop feature back ;p
  11. And just to pour some salt on the players' wound, the 50% xp boost seems to have started already
  12. No adena lvl to fast ?

    Oh yes, I remember being lvl 60+ in a devotion set, but I could get away with this as a summoner Karmian was the ultimate thing tho for most players.
  13. It is obvious they want to restore it, they called it an 'issue' and not 'working as designed' This topic was never about whether people want this feature or not, it is a part of the live server's design. It would be nice to know the ETA tho.
  14. Let's face it, the staff are most likely focused on classic now, so I'd be really surprised if we got an update on any issues reported for Naia and Chronos. P.S. I'm at the desert quarry atm [Naia], it looks so bizarre, I'm literally the only one oO so many spots to choose from, I can't decide!