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  1. It's from the Live Forums section, but I think this can answer your question, scroll to 2:14 to see the list of servers, classic ones are included.
  2. Fairy Agathion Charm

    You need to buy a seed bracelet first, talk to any Dimensional Merchant outside of Warehouse to get it. You also get a 15-day one from one of the main Adventurer's Faction quest.
  3. December 2018 Preview

    I need my dualclass to remain as-is, I invested in it and it is useful to me in a few specific cases (that's why I made it a dualclass). But being a wynn as main I am excluded from most of the 103+ content by not being welcome in any party. From my perspective it would be sufficient if NCSoft fixed wynns, but based on info on future updates in Korea I don't think it is going to happen. It is simply unfair to make players have a broken and forgotten by NC main class which does not have any purpose in the new content that they release (even all the new fancy items give little or close to no benefit to wynns).
  4. December 2018 Preview

    Yes, please do that or #fixwynns
  5. Special Missions

    Most quests for the adventurer's faction are repeatable (daily) so you can easly advance by simply doing Kartia Group+Solo everyday. Forget about the special missions for the raid bosses, as those are farmed by rich well-geared idividuals who kill them instantly after spawn.
  6. R-Grade

    You can check your warehouse as if I remember correctly you receive a diploma via mail, you might not have claimed it in time and it might have gone to your WH. If you have had a mentor at the time you awakekend you must have received it. If you believe that due to some glitch you haven't you can try logging a support ticket.
  7. About time...

    Indeed, about time... :>
  8. Hi, thank you for your reply. It's not a perfect solution, but it helps a lot
  9. Yesterday I had some free time, so I tracked the system [Naia]: Item 24/11/2018 Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone Stage 1 No Reward Seven Signs/Anakim/Lilith Talisman Supply Item Stage 2 No Reward Royal White Save Ticket (R99-grade) Stage 3 Reward Nurka/Lidia/Gustav's Belt Supply Item Stage 4 No Reward Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone Stage 5 No Reward Sealed Talisman - Longing Stage 6 No Reward Royal Purple Save Ticket (R99-grade) Stage 7 No Reward Fallen Angel's Ring Box Stage 8 Reward +10 Blessed Amaranthine WeaponPack Stage 9 No Reward Mystic Soul Crystal Stage 10 Reward Dragon Claw Box (Fragment) Stage 11 No Reward Rare Accessory Pack (Permanent) Stage 12 No Reward
  10. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Top, semi-top... it does not make any difference from the mid-geared player's perspective who were excluded from the event.
  11. Right, temporary blindness must have hit me. I seem to have lost an option to edit my posts, so can't correct it.
  12. R-Grade

    You can get R grade permanently - if you had a mentor you can exchange your mentee's certificate for immortal gear. You receive enough to get immortal armor set and a low R weapon. Though, I personally prefer to keep the dynasty set for my boxes, as it has a better set bonus than immortal and consequently, you can exchange your certificate for tons of (B)SSR.
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Indeed, the strongest got even stronger while the rest, who could not make it, got weaker by not improving.
  14. I hate it, it is far from perfect. As a wynn I did not have enough dps to finish it even after it was made easier. As a player who created her character in 2006 I feel this event was a joke on me. I even considered finally quitting after it was introduced as it seems to me it is going to be worse and worse. I stick around for noe doing kartia and solo factions while semi-afk, but other than that there is nothing else for me to do here. No one takes wynns in their parties. My suggestion for improvement is to allow players to change their main class or #fixwynns - all those new pay to win items give great boost to dds, but give little or close to nothing to wynns.
  15. Change dual class to main

    I have the same issue with my main wynn class. #fixwynns or simply let us change our main class.