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  1. You guys (NC Soft) keep introducing new items, but the inventory cap to switch class remains the same - it looks like an overlook from your end. I'm sure many players would appreciate if this was addressed. This cap is also annoying when claiming items from the Dimensional NPC next to the WH or returning quests. ----> To everyone annoyed when unable to switch class: I'm not sure if you guys remember there is a workaround, but you need to have a character next to you, it can be anyone, you don't have to trust them. 1. Start a trade 2. Move random items into the trade (the number of items depends on how much you exceed the inventory limit), DO NOT PRESS OK 3. Change class 4. Cancel the trade
  2. No one is defending scammers here, but it's similar to other scenarios where people are warned, but decide to do stuff anyway, for example GMs: "never trade your gear to people you don't know, you will not be able to get it back" Player:1 "My clanmate wants to check their stats with my gear, I will trade him my stuff" Player1 never gets his items back, cries on forums. If other players tell him he shouldn't have traded his gear to another player as it is not safe to do so, it does not mean they defend the scammer.
  3. Servers Down

    It disconnected me and when I come back it shows Naia as Light and not Down, but I am stuck on the server selection screen. When i select the server and click 'OK' nothing happens. This happens with all servers on the list - similar to when certain locations were blocked for many people some time back. Hope that's not the case this time as using VPN resulted in many bans back then and it took nearly 2 weeks for NC to resolve the issue.
  4. Is it safe to use tokens in macro?

    No, unless they are in your party. Personally, I don't think I've seen a token vanish, it only gets reset if you use it twice on someone/something. As safety goes, nothing is safe nowadays
  5. Faction Talismans

    I agree, it should boost 'damage against' and not only P atk.
  6. Eventually I claimed the rune with my wynn, because I don't really play any other character on this account. I see no benefit at all, even when transformed, the time to kill the boss seems pretty much the same ...which makes sense since pets do the most dmg in this scenario as well. Absolutely useless item for a wynn.
  7. Reports and Anti-Bots System

    This would also be an easy way to get rid of AFK macro farmers occupying spots 24/7, I can imagine people keeping alts at desert quarry and similar heavily occupied spots and doing rounds of reporting all characters that are there everyday just for fun ;p ...but given NC Soft caters to afk macro farm and in future updates expands options to make it even more efficient I don't think it is going to happen.
  8. ++++++++++ I like this option a lot.
  9. As for Live servers, the game is pretty much free to play till around lvl 100, so try it out, have some fun, meet some people and see if you like it - lvling up is now pretty quick till 100. Though, I suggest you focus on finding ways to obtain adena instead of rushing to level 100. After lvl 100 you'll need good gear to be able to play - if you do not invest money you will get one shot everywhere you go and make little or close to no damage. You will be kicked out of most party matching rooms, unless you create a support class as your dual class... then you might get away with not-so-great gear for a little longer. As for Classic, I read on forums it is infested with bots to a point where you can't even find a 'free' mob to kill and the grind is hardcore, so from your introduction I do not think it's a good option for you. Good luck!
  10. Hello my fellow wynns who are still out there. I think I know the answer to my question, but I want to double-check with you in case I have missed something. Tomorrow I can claim a 30-day Freya's Bloody Rune (15% pve bonus) as an attendance reward, but I have a feeling it is useless for a wynn (like many fancy items that NC added). I assume my pets will not receive any pve bonus from it (sharing equipment refers to 'equipped item' which I think has already been confirmed to work only for a weapon), so all I can get from it are a bit stronger marks or I can nuke mobs with lol-elemental rage so that they die from laughter. Given my dual is a healer I assume it's better if I claim my reward with an alt from the same account, but please share your experience if you have used this item before.
  11. OMG with dcs

    Yeah, disconnects and lags since the last maintenance.
  12. LAG

    I also get lags after the maintenance and an occasional dc from time to time.
  13. I'm happy NC responded like this, maybe they will not break the PK system like Innova has. So remember guys, if you go AFK with a macro turned on - it's your own risk, you are responsible for your character. Either learn how to make a proper macro or forget it.
  14. Dual class

    I have a healer as a dual and I am using a Leather set on it, you don't need to buy Robe. Healers have light skill mastery as well and even with average items you should be able to get max cast speed when using Light Armor. But I would not recommend this class as a good dual for a wynn - on a healer I boost up my CON/HP while on a Wynn i Focus on P atk and crit dmg, so it is not a convenient combo gear-wise. Gear-wise, tyrr is a good option, because those classes benefit from a similar setup, but then again, tyrrs are also not so welcome in high level parties and in order to be a strong one, you need a lot of fancy items. ISS is always a cheap and easy choice.
  15. How get our ncoins back?

    ah, so it was you who broke the server, shouldn't have opened that rune....