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  1. Overall I think your clanmates are doomed to fail, even if they start low and try to enjoy little things in the game like I used to they will not be able to keep up with mobs getting stronger with each update. Their slow progress will be ruined by the developers who instead of adding new content keep messing up what we have. For example, two updates ago I farmed afk with 2 boxes at FoM (109 location), last update pushed me back to 107 locations and the most recent one I was forced to go back to Silent Valley (105 location!). This is ridiculous and no longer fun. Not only I do not b
  2. Isn't it obvious? As long as people keep spending a lot of money on this game, nothing will change. It simple: the management sees charts which show people spend A LOT of money on the game (maybe even the numbers keep increasing) which is equal to people are happy to pay for what they are getting. If people stopped spending money for some time, the managers would start asking questions and would expect some corrective actions from the team.
  3. That's a clear indication you need to spend more... duh ..
  4. Guys, please focus on the main topic, which is INVENTORY LIMIT as such and the pain it causes - not that the devs care, but it's nice to keep it as a reminder of their neglect when tempted to buy nc coins
  5. This is ridiculous, thank you ncsoft for letting us know beforehand...
  6. Customer support at its finest, love ya ncsoft!
  7. Last time a similar thing happened (2 or 3 years ago) it took a few weeks to resolve and NC staff were very quiet on the matter. There were some conspiracy theories they blocked some regions on purpose. I wonder if that's happening again <:
  8. Any comment from the staff? I am getting 'The client will be closed. Continue?<5>' when selecting the server, doesn't matter if it's Naia or Chronos, the same error occurs.
  9. I've noticed the mobs in FOM crit me for around 35k dmg while before they could only scratch me, I can't farm there anymore while before the update I could farm even isome 111 locations... maybe I need to get back to EV
  10. Castilla has become difficult now, previously I easily did the 110 version without shots in afk mode and now I fail it even with shots as I do not have enough time to kill the boss... can't wait to check out my usual field hunting spot
  11. Ekhem... I was the first one to complain about this, but it seems everyone, not only korean devs, ignore wynns
  12. So yet again, no upgrade for wynns - seriously, this is beyond upsetting. And you're taking away the mysterious herb... hmm.
  13. This topic was created in April 2019, we're gonna hit the 2-year anniversary soon and the only comment from the staff was on an off-topic related to an event item which couldn't be put into a warehouse. PS there were more topics on this matter in the past, so it's not like this issue is only 2-year old.
  14. been there, done that, no action taken ...ever Most of us already know the copy+paste response you get by heart
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