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  1. I need your advice

    Wynn becomes useless after lvl 101, no one will take you to any faction parties, you'll have trouble completing your quests. In order to keep playing you will need to invest heavily in gear, but since all the new fancy items scale horribly to pets you will get little or close to no benefit for a very high price. NC Soft refuse to address players' concerns expressed on this forum multiple times. Feohs on the other hand are needed in almost every party and seem to be doing decent dmg even with average gear.
  2. How People making Adena (l2 Chronos )

    They once did that by mistake and the servers nearly died
  3. I have Problem?

    I've been playing for years (from Europe) and for me this window freeze started when the anti-cheat thing was implemented, I've never had that before. I press keys and my character does not do anything on my screen, but others in game see that it moves/uses skills etc. I waited up to 10 minutes once and the window never unfroze for me, so now when it happens I know I have to end the l2 task in the task manager. This is very annoying.
  4. Money

    In my opinion the cheapest is ISS and a Healer. You can hit lvl 99 even in the dynasty set and paulina's weapon you received at lvl 76 for the 3rd class transfer (exchange mentor diplomas for free shots and not immortal gear, you can use R shots with the 30day paulina's R-grade). Later on, you can invest in an eternal set, a weapon with HP SA boost (doesn't have to be over-enchanted, or not even R99 for that matter) and some other things that will improve your survival ability like CON Dyes etc. As for DDs, wynns are rather cheap until lvl 99, but after that horror begins so I would not recommend it.
  5. Disconnects

    I have started getting disconnects recently as well (Naia). It's not as frequent as in your case, but still annoying. Nothing has changed with my ISP nor with my PC, so it looks as if the issue is at the server's end.
  6. big group seer,s

    Also, if you kill one of them by going red they will all immediately switch targets and hit you.
  7. Can't Find Queen Ant.

    Most likely someone else has already killed it.
  8. Promos Items. Stop this PLEASE

    Hmm... so the author of this topic asks to remove items that can be obtained in game from the rewards list. In my opinion this would only contribute to the main issue that many players have with those promos, i.e. most of those new fancy items can never be obtained through the regular game content such as quests, drops/spoil, item exchange via an NPC etc. In my opinion it is fine if someone wants to pay and get something sooner or in higher quantities, but when you get so much L2-store exclusive content then it takes away the fun of obtaining items by playing the game. The idea to give 1 free scroll+staff a day in the freya staff promo was nice. PS. I was scrolling though that page linked by Draecke and I did not recognize most of the items listed (I know some have not been introduced to our version yet) and I find it quite sad
  9. Change dual class to main

    Constructive feedback is not crying. Your post does not provide any value in this thread. If you do not need this feature and have nothing interesting to say better remain silent.
  10. Thanks for the XP Rune, it's a nice gift, though I have a suggestion for the future gifts. As many players on the live servers I don't really need xp. I need drops and adena - there is no point in leveling up if you can't enjoy high level locations because you can't afford expensive gear (no fun being one-shot by a mob or to deal close to 0 dmg as a DD) I personally would prefer a 200% drop rune. I was affected by the connectivity issue and this resulted in me not being able to do instances which are my main source of adena/items income.
  11. wow, I'm curious as well, what is the definition of this illegal power level that can get you banned? I can see people advertising power level services in game all the time.
  12. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    yeah, not 100% for sure, I have a dynamic IP, but this has not worked for me, I've reset my connection like 10 times and no success I wanted to try this voodoo magic of yours, but it's been over 30min now and I haven't recieved the 'client will be closed' message. When I made it show up manually by clicking cancel, the remaining steps didn't solve the issue.
  13. Hi Hime, how can I claim my angel's cat buff if I am not able to log in due to the 'Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue' ? Wasn't it supposed to be a compensation for this particular inconvenience? Speaking of which, what is the update on this? Your post does not mention this issue, so I assume it will not be resolved with today's maintenance, am I right?
  14. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Don't feed the troll if you check his other posts on this forum you'll understand
  15. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    The issue reoccurred. I have to admit this has been the worst management of a major issue I have seen from you guys so far. The resolution time is ridiculous and the lack of communication is very disrespectful towards your customers.